Night Time Panic

I have only just come across the term "hypnagogic Hallucinations" and I believe they are what I have. Alot of the stories I am reading on here are fairly similar to my experiences. I can go for months and months without having an 'episode' and then I will have a few weeks when I have night after night of really frightening hallucinations. They all happen at the beginning of the night when I've been in a light sleep - I open my eyes not even realising I've been to sleep, and I will see things. It's usually a person standing somewhere in the room - usually a man or a child. Often it is a giant spider / spiders web / other insect above my head. The other night it was a hand right above my face. Sometimes the people move around but they are usually perfectly still, just staring right at me. My reaction (which I cannot seem to control) is of terror. I will leap out of bed screaming and shouting and either run over to turn on the light or I will run down the stairs, and after a couple of minutes (with some reassurance from my husband) I will regain some kind of composure and control. But these hallucinations cause, both physically and mentally, what I can only describe as a combination of sheer panic and complete and utter shock. I have never been concerned about it as they have gradually got worse through the years so I have been 'eased' into it as it were, and I have always been a bad sleeper anyway (I have also suffered awful nightmares my whole life) but I am now pregnant and I worry about that moment when I can't control what I do. I fell out of bed in my panic the other night and that was slightly worrying!

I have never been to a doctor / therapist about this as it doesn't affect my day-to-day life at all, except for tiredness and a slight fear of going to sleep sometimes, and I know there is nothing actually wrong with me. But it's reassuring to read other people's experiences and know it's not just me all the same! I do suffer from anxiety so I wouldn't be surpised it if it related to that. I'd be interested to know if anyone else shares that same link?

Plim100 Plim100
26-30, F
Dec 3, 2012