Deciphering Real From Hallucination

I used to only have hallucinations where I was lying down and something scary (like a murderer pushing through the couch cushions to get me) would make me get up and run away, but lately I have been having full on hallucinations where I'm functioning and can't tell what's dream or not. Recently, I was woken up with a feeling that someone was with me, and a long dark haired girl got up and crawled off the foot of my bed and walked to the corner of my entertainment center and wall and just stood there face first. I got up to see who she was and when I got closer she squeezed through the gap to go behind the entertainment center and it wasn't until I realized the blinds she was next to weren't moving when she touched them that I realized she wasn't real. I remember being extremely frightened of the girl and I knew she was not good. but I had to know who she was.
I also see my snake escape and I get up panicked looking for him until I think to look in his cage. does anyone else experience anything like this? even the nights I don't completely hallucinate like this I often have terrifying or weird dreams that are extremely realistic and I question their validity when I wake up.
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

what's happening is you are a vivid dreamer, like myself. Although I have never had trouble with sleep walking. It would seem to me that, that is what is going on here. Normally a person's brain manufactures a paralytic agent, that paralyzes the body so that it doesn't act out what it's dreaming about. That combined with the tendency to wake up several times a night, little mini wake ups that are over almost as fast as they occur, and then you are right back in REM again. This can happen hundreds of times a night for vivid dreamers like you and me. Your REM dream imagery is dragged up and down through all the other sleep cycles, through all the stages of consciousness and back again into REM, makeing your conscious brain think that this is really happening, not dreaming. I would highly recommend seeing a physcian and telling them that you are sleep walking and suffering from the tendency to wake up several times a night for mere seconds and then going back to sleep. It's like sleep apnea but without the snoring or lowerd respiration, they can find a way for you to sleep and stay asleep, and to not move around while you sleep. That should allow you to have more normal sleep cycles, where you will still dream but part of your brain will know it's a dream.