My Hallucinations

The common theme to mine seem to be that I wake up believing there is some creature in my bed or on me. Like a mouse or spider. As usual I'm utterly terrified.

I find my hallucinations occur quite often if I'm sleeping alongside someone. My ex's have interacted with my hallucinations on a few occassions, completely confused. Once I asked if he could see a man under the table, another time I was crying and beggining him to "stop scaring me and take the scorpion off my bed", and a bad time I thought he was trying to hurt me.

My hallucinations (or just generally not realizing it's not real) usually ends a few seconds after I leap out of bed. Once I did make it halfway down the stairs to supposedly let in my friends who were coming to visit, before realizing it was night-time and the whole idea was ridiculous. Sometimes I think people are watching me in my bed and I'll be all sleepy and embarassed and tell them to go away - when really there was never anyone there.

Just my experience :)
kittycat92 kittycat92
Dec 12, 2012