Does Anyone Else Think This Is Some Sort Of Enlightened State?

I have always seen things when I am falling asleep. I remember always seeing bugs on my pillow and in my bed as a child. I always feel/think I am seeing figures in darkened rooms. I am now almost 30 and I don't really see anything 'scary' anymore. I see ppl that I don't know but who seem vary familiar to me. The ppl, places, and what the ppl are doing are always different and not usually anything to special (as far as what the ppl are doing). I also see orbs of color in the corners of my vision sometimes when I am awake.
I just stumbled onto a sight that talked about Hypnagogic Hallucinations and I had to look into it further. But now after reading all the stories from everyone on this sight it seems to me that most of the feelings cased by these 'hallucinations' are scary. I don't feel scared by mine. I feel at total peace when I am 'tapping into' this 'ability' I feel blessed to have. Before I knew about this 'condition' I had come to a conclusion within my own self that this is me being a spiritually enlightened and evolved being. This is me tapping into a consciousness that is beyond this realm of existence. I am wondering if any of you had this same feeling from these visions we are all having.....
Thanks for reading and for you input <3
rainbowsparkles rainbowsparkles
Feb 6, 2013