Feelings Of Impending Doom

About a year and a half ago, I had an experience where I fell halfway asleep (It only happens to me in the early morning, I wake up briefly then fall back asleep and it happens) and I felt that something was trying to pry my hands away from my face to crawl into my mouth. It's weird to even say, but I KNEW it wanted to. I could only see a black figure right in front of me, but because I was paralyzed I couldn't open my eyes fully.

The second time it happened was about a week later, and I fell like I was falling over and over as i neared sleep.. like a rollercoaster. Finally I felt it coming on and I tried to prevent it, but my body started vibrating uncontrollably and I could hear a man's deep voice whispering in my ear, so I mustered up enough energy to hum over it (I did NOT want to know what he was saying). Then I finally shook myself out of it and woke up.

The vibrating thing happened on and off for a year with no hallucinations, because I learned that if I felt it coming on before sleep I could put my pillow over my head so I COULDN'T hallucinate, but recently it started up again. I started to go to sleep, and I heard children laughing behind me so I sat up and looked around, but obviously there was nobody. I laid back down again and could hear background noises and more children, but I ended up falling asleep about a minute later.

After this, it progressed into worse and worse feelings. When I wake up super early and want to go back to sleep, I felt really scared for no reason, and my ears will buzz really loud when I feel that falling sensation. The other morning, it literally felt like I was being "punched in the face with sleep". When I would start to fall asleep, I would feel like I was falling, then I would be HIT head on with a really loud noise in my ears and an INTENSE feeling of... well, just INTENSITY. Like a train was coming toward my face and as soon as it would get to me I would feel it hit and jump. It happened so many times that morning that I started to sob because I was so tired and couldn't go to sleep because I was so scared. I'm always so scared to see things rather than hear them (even though I don't want that either), and it's so frustrating!

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Its sleep paralisis it is completly normal and explainable its not demons or aliens its just your brain and your body not comunicating the same when you sleep as when your awake its only scary bc you don't understand what is happening when it is happening. Might want to talk to a doctor about sleep paralisis. I have had it twice and it is a very confusing and foriegn but 100 percent scientifically explainable accurance.

i belive what you have is sleep paralisis. i get the same thing. i will be paralized but fully away. once i swore somone was in my room trying to kill me. other times i have thought that the person sleeping next to me was going to kill me and i have ene heard them talking about it. once i could even feel the breath being sucked out of my by a " unseen figure". most times i dont see anything. howver once i looked it up and relized that it was sleep paralisis, the terror that i felt when i was haveing an episode went away. now i still feel kind of scared but i an talk myself throgh it. what i usd to like to do was gain control of one part of my body, my lips mostly, and twitch them. but now i find its better to tell yourself to " go back to sleep" . after you do youll feel better

I'm not religious, so I don't believe in demons. There are a lot of medical explanations to it, such as my traumatic childhood, and my body entering REM sleep too quickly (which explains the falling feeling). Sleep is your most vulnerable state, so when you start dreaming before you're asleep, it's scary... That's why it's called a hallucination, not a possession.

That last comment makes me nervous! I wish I knew what to say to help. I don't believe in demons. Maybe you could get a doctor to help you with meds. You shouldn't have to put up with this!

I'm not an expert, so take what I say with how much ever weight you would give it. It sounds to me you are experiencing an astral projection. An astral projection is where your astral body or soul seperates from your physical body. That would be the strange sensations you feel; the pulling out of your spirit. <br />
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My understanding is the dark figure is a demon. It sounds to me like it is trying to get you to let it in. Before you sleep, try praying for protection from evil. <br />
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There is also a mediation you can perform where you can imagine a while light pouring down on your head and filling your body with white light. Supposedly this drives demons away and will protect you.Invoking the name of god will also drive them away, and I've even been told that sprinkling salt in every corner of your house and along your windows will also keep them out.<br />
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As for the children's voices you hear, not all demons travel alone.