How Do You Do Sports And Have Hypoglycemia At The Same Time?

I have had reactive hypoglycemia since ..... I guess... 2 years ago. then, frequently in the summer when I hadn't eaten for like 2 or 3 hours I'd get grumpy and I would have to eat. My mom took me to kings daughters and they ran a glucose toleration test. it came back positive. I was sad, but knew it would be ok. this is we're I come to my conclusion that I won't be able to play sports. can somebody help me change my mind???
skittles2000 skittles2000
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

You can still play sports! Get yourself on a high protein high fiber diet; low simple carb diet. Eat every two hours. Don't drink soda. Basically eat like a diabetic. Only eat sugar in emergency cases where you might pass out or have a seizure. Hypoglycemia won't prevent you from doing sports or having an active life. As long as you can eat properly you will be fine. It's all about regulation and making it a lifestyle. There is no cure. It will always be part of your life. Just regulate yourself and your diet which will help go a long way from it not turning into diabetes.