At Least I Think I Do...

I haven't been 'formally' diagnosed, but from what i've been gathering and 'googling' sure seems like i have a mild form anyway.

I'll have to read some of the other members stories, but i don't get that feeling too often but when it hits me, wow!!..i'll think i'm just a little hungry, and then before you know it, i'm feeling shaky, dizzy, lightheaded, clammy etc....

It's okay if your home, i just go and eat something really fast and it goes away., but i have this fear that i'll be somewhere without quick access to food and it'll hit me.

I know it says to always have something in your purse etc..just in case.........soooo what are those 'somethings'?


prettyinpink prettyinpink
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2 Responses Oct 27, 2008

you probably should be tested. that way you will know for sure. dont guess when it comes to your health.

Candy bars...sugar packets or sugar cubes. You can also get glucose tablets, I believe.