Hypoglycemia Is Fun!

Well I took a nap for 12 hours the other night and woke up feeling great... something that is not normal for me. I usually feel just about as tired as when I went to bed. Anyway I eat breakfast and go to work loving life today. About 4 hours into work I notice a quarter size orby/lighty/distortion. I say to myself huh that’s not right. Now I knew I felt a little low on energy but not what I usually feel like when it’s really hitting me. So I go and get myself some stuff to shove down my throat, only problem is now the quarter sized thing is more like a half moon and I am having troubles seeing things. Eat up and now things are just so messed up with my vision I just can't see straight and the peripheral is blurry too. Half an hour later my vision came back and my sugar levels were back up there so I could think and see straight. Come to find out the eyes use an imense amount of glucose and that the eyes of people with hypo actually degenerate as you get older... YAY! Like I said kids hypoglycemia is fun!
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I have a question. I have had hypoglycemia all my life. For the past 30 years maybe all my life I have to get up at nigh a whole bunch to go to the bathroom is that normal or is there something else wrong with me. I don't have diabetes only hypoglycemia can anyone help me.<br />

sounds familiar, things to look forward to, huh

Oooh, bizarre!!! I had that when I was younger too. It was kinda psychadelic, light/color images circling around in my peripheral vision. Freaky. Actually, that can also be an "aura", which often warns of a migraine or an epileptic seizure, but I have neither. Must be the sugar stuff.....

I see what I call "floaters". Generally it's mostly peripheral. Once I get my sugar back up, I always have a headache.<br />
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When I was younger, my vision was 20/20. I have noticed that I don't see nearly as well any more, I should really have my eyes tested.

I have it, too. My vision does funny things but I never knew the two could be related.