Guess I'm Just Not That Sweet.......

I thought I was gonna die!!!  Extreme exhaustion, depression and/or irritability... drowsiness, like someone slipped you a drug!  Lousy motor skills, confusion, feeling "stoned"... and sometimes bein' mean!

Low blood sugar is horrific... it's very difficult to diagnose without a FOUR hour glucose tolerance test.  Once you get that BS (blood sugar) under control, life's easier.

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I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia in October of '09 after passing ot at a check out counter in Wal-Mart. I was round 120 lbs, and very lean-more muscle than fat but my diet consisted soley of nicotene, caffine and alcohol and sweets. You see, I was strangled by someone known to me, several years ago, damaging the nerve that controls ones ability to swallow so I had to take baby steps learning how to eat and swallow again but to this day I still can not swallow any solid food. Anyway, my inability to eat properly drove me to consume excess amounts of caffine (mostly coffe) for energy, sweets and bread beause it was managable and easy enough to swallow and alcohol consuption on the weekends seemed to help everything. however, just since October I've went from fit, trim, confident, happy and healthy to outa shape, severely depressed, panicy, miserable being. I quit caffine, alcohol, sweets and chocolates COLD TURKEY because I apparently have reactive hypoglyccemia. Well, Im still getting used to doing without all these things I still drink soda though its decaffinated but learned it may be triggering some symtoms due toits high sugar and carbs and I drink a decaffinated and sugar free form of instant coffe in an effort tosatisfy those cravings. Heres my thing, my problem is considering that I work, go to school, raising my children alone, tending to our home, cring for both my paernts-how do <br />
i find time for 5 to 6 meals a day when I have no time to spare and it takes me several minutes or longer to conume anything besides lquds Futhermore, how do i now safely loose the weight i've gained since falling ill when i have to eat so much and exercise is so tricky with this condition. How do i reduce this new-found and all but uncontrolable anger and depression. Id type more but my oldest daughter whom has absolutely NO regaurd for anyone or what they"re going through, wont stop her demands and shouting at me. AAAAAHH!

Google "glycemic index." Certain foods will set it off (if you are reactive like me). Watch your carbs... if you're really having a tough time, you need to do finger stix like a diabetic. This will give you an idea of what sets it off. (I found exercise burns a TON of glucose... which is kinda cool, it means I get to eat more carbs before a workout---yay!) Strangely, I take Metformin, which is for type 2 diabetics. I still don't get it, but the doc says it's cuz my cells don't process glucose normally. Always have snacks with you just in case!!!! And google your *** off... find your own info, the docs don't always catch this.<br />
*never eat carbs without protein &/or fat!

but how do you get it under control?