I have Hypomania Disorder

 I have hypomania bipolar as well. only i have it pretty heavy. my disconnection to reality is unreal. i really just do not care. i get along with people fine, im not an angry person, but i just do not care. i have waaay too many plans, and absolutely no action, and the sad thing is, im pretty conscientious about it. i hardly ever sleep, usually just when i decide to pass out. i can sit in a chair and read the whole day, without ever looking, talking to, or acknowledging another person. half the time i dont even realize that ive missed a meal. and because of all this im not a very successful person. oh, i had a mind to be, but my plans never really tend to come into fruition. too many goals, and no way of achieving them. I love sex. I mean, I REALLY love sex. but relationships are too short, or nonexistent at all. i probably never should have went to iraq. in shape, couldve been in triathlete shape, but cigarettes replaced dogs as man's best friend for me. alcohol is fun, but i watched my dad drink waay too much. should have went to college. could drink coffee for the rest of my life with noo problem. mind races at a million miles an hour with ideas, ideas, ideas. if only i had a scribe in my brain...make that a million scribes. i would have more stories written than george r. r. martin has pages in his overdetailed books.  i live 3/4 of the way in fantasy, and 1/4 the way in somewhat sanity. ive never had a liscence. i wonder if ill ever have one. normal life...is there such a thing? i have no idea. i should be taking medication, probably. ive always thought i was lazy, but found out it might be this instead. can you tell the difference?  well, that would be some of my experience, and a little of myself. i dont think this helps any, for you i mean, but for me, well, i feel a smidge better now that i know that im not alone.

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<p>I'm a hypomanic guy too. My mind feels like a busy highway where random ideas and hypothetical problems are always zooming through. If I think about Idea A, it would quickly lead me to Ideas B,C, D and so on. I feel like there's a CNN Election Panel sitting permanently inside my head. Too many ideas, too much data and too much analysis of life and the world. I also love sex way too much. I've reluctantly taken a break from it because I've put myself in very risky situations hunting for sex. Its quite difficult for me to find a girlfriend as I'm also obese and very self-conscious. Its also difficult for me to connect with guys because I have too much jealousy, sexual and otherwise, against them. I've dropped out of two colleges as my mind is way to restless for tertiary education. I have grandiose plans for my life but I do absolutely nothing or very little to achieve them. I also keep reliving my past in my head and over-analysing it so much that I could probably write a trilogy about it.</P>

I am also hypomanic...and without a depression aspect...and I have trouble getting things done too BUT I always end up accomplishing the things that I am going to do. In this last year, I got 2 master's degrees and a professional certification, my baby died, my husband of 10 years was abusive and i left him, I got promoted twice at work, I am having a lot of sex...on three online dating sites...sleeping around 4-5 hours a night. <br />
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If you ever want to chat, let me know...I literally just realized that I am hypomanic last week. lol

pretty close to the mark, you are. cept with me, it never ends. the depression is there, but not in a drag me down sort of way. the depression for me is a revert back to my past. its always my past, and my past always catches up with me. karma perpetuates itself with me, it seems, and i can never escape it. i cant write anything down that i want to do, because something else will get in the way. if i had a halfpence for every idea, story, or thought that would be for the better of this world, id be wealthier than richard branson, trump, and bill gates combined, i think. so many ideas, but nowhere to put them. and then the madness returns. Now i have a 34 year old mother whom im staying with that says it is all what i make of it, and that it would get better if i just put it behind me. what she doesnt know, with all of her human communication classes, which has made her an expert on the subject it seems (psh), is that the past always comes back, and with full force, and worse than the last time it was there.

people might think i'm lazy but it's like you said all plans no action. i have hypomanic phases interspersed with moderate depression. so one week i'll feel awake and alive get up at sunrise and make things and write things and plan (lists. thousands of lists) apply for college (that was a couple of weeks ago) and then realise i have no hope of staying in the right fr<x>ame of mind long enough to stick it out (or even make the interview...) and then feel completely hopeless and ugly and stupid and stay in bed for a few weeks... then have some other idea about what i can do with my life and start the whole process again...

i hope someone likes this, because i dont