Hypomenorrhea For 4 Months

I think I am having the same problem. It starts last August 2012 when I have my period for 3 weeks but the bleeding is very less. In 3 weeks bleeding I went to OB Gyne and made some tests like Ultrasound, urine tests and bloo tests (i might have a miscarriage or I am pregnant) but it's negative. The doctor said there is nothing wrong with my uterus and everything is fine.

I undergo "pap smear" to check if there are bacteria or other sickness which was not detected during my tests, but there is nothing wrong with me.

She just gave me Centrum, Vitamin C 1000mg that I will drink everyday. After drinking the vitamins, the blood increase and went to normal for 2 days.

After a month, I had my period. First day, there is very less bleeding so I drink vitamins again (I stopped drinking vitamins since I always forgot to drink it and afraid to become fat). After drinking Vits, it went to normal for 4 days. Then the next period the same, so I notice that I need to drink Vitamins so my period will come out.

I have 2 babies (last delivery was June 2011) so I am not afraid that I have cyst or myoma and my last tests was fine. But I am planning to visit my doctor next month to be sure and ask why this is happening. What are the possible reason and how to prevent it. Although I have an idea that this is due to stress - work and house (being a mom). But to be sure and stop worrying which makes me paranoid, I think I should go to next level of tests.
sheenadaphne sheenadaphne
26-30, F
Nov 27, 2012