The Journey...still Rolling (phosphorous Levels???)

Hello all! I was diagnosed with hypoparathyroidism 2 years ago, and it has been a bumpy ride both before and after. Well, I was first diagnosed with Crohn's Disease after a long battle of constant bathroom trips and complaining to my doctor. He just thought I was having a hard pregnancy (20 or so trips to the bathroom a day is beyond morning sickness...uh hem) and so I tried my best to deal with the situation and redecorate my bathroom seeing as I spent more time in there than anywhere else. It looks fantastic by the way. Well, after my son (he is three now) was born and I was still having the same issues I was sent for a colonoscopy followed up by an immediate diagnosis. A full year later, I went through every drug combo possible and was hospitalized a dozen times often for weeks at a time. I was told that Crohn's presents many strange symptoms throughout the body and is not confined to just torment the intestines, yada yada. I felt like something else was wrong. I decided to write down all of my symptoms no matter how strange they seemed and they were strange. What tipped my doc off was the fact that my face was dry and my hair was falling out in clumps leaving several bald patches that kept me from having to go to the beauty salon for quite some time. Anyhow, he asked me (yep) if I had my thyroid tested. No? He seemed shocked, and I was apathetic. So, a few days later I was diagnosed with hypoparathyroidism but he could not figure out why. I did some research and found that hypomagnesemia (low magnesium) can trigger this rare condition. I was sent to an endo and placed on meds. A week later, I was rushed to the hospital because my hands seized, I could not walk, and my face had a strange look---my mouth formed a wide O and would not be moved from that position. More strange stuff like tingling hands, feet, and knees of all things along with mouth twitches and other spasms...etc, etc.

What brings me here two years later is the fact that I have been in long denial of having Crohn's disease and hypoparathyroidism. I tell no one about these conditions because they seem unreal to me. My trigger for this sudden burst of free writing? I was just told that my phosphorous levels are too high (they did not give me a number and honestly I forgot to ask). This was my second screening and the levels are climbing. I did some research and found that hypopara. can cause this and that its really bad (I know, my medical jargon is significant) for the kidneys. Reader, if you made is thus far, could you please share with me any insight into this relationship and the treatment options available? Whoosh. That was a load off. Thank you.
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Hello, i was diagnosed with hypoparathroidsm 5 years ago..