Hypoplastic Thumbs

I was born with hypoplastic thumbs, but had surgery where they replaced my thumbs with my index fingers. I have never met anyone else with any sort of hand deformity. Often times people don't even notice that I only have 4 fingers on each hand. When i was young, I hated my hands. I hated how different they made me. Until about the time I was in High School, I would avoid raising my hand in class because I thought it would draw attention to my hands. I learned to accept it though. My "thumbs" are weaker than most people's though, and it took me a while to get the hang of lighters. It is also a pain in the *** to wear latex gloves in lab (I am a science major). This is a nice website, but it would be better if there were more of us!
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I am 16 and my right hand is a type 3 and my left is a type 4 (pollicization now with titanium plate and seven screws and CMC bones grinder down some) and having this condition has made me want to become an occupational therapist to helps others with our same problem and to boost their confidence. sometimes i still will cry over it.

Oh yes, wearing gloves is one big problem for me too. :)