I Was Born With Hypoplastic Thumbs

I was born with hypoplastic thumbs. That means, my thumbs are not fully developed. Since I had to start this group, I assume that it is a rare condition. I have met just one more person with this condition, and she was a very good friend when we were kids.

I hope I can find more people here who share the same experience.

Coming down to graphic details, my left thumb is so small it can't be used. It has just one small bone which is connected to the rest of the hand by just a little bit of skin. the doctors decided to stitch this thumb and attach it with my forefinger. Now my left forefinger serves as a forefinger as well as a thumb. These days, doctors cut off such thumbs. I was born at a time when such measures didn't exist. But I quite like my little thumb, and would miss it if it were cut off.

My right thumb is slightly better developed.  The only problem with it is that I can't bend it in the middle. It is smaller than the normal thumb, but I can use it quite well.

I don't face too many problems except that people stare at my hands. I was troubled as a kid because my hands scared away other kids. 

But now I'm quite happy being different. The best part is, in spite of having small thumbs, I am good at arts and crafts, and I have beautiful handwriting

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Please look for Our Perfect Hands on Facebook. It's a group for hypoplastic thumbs and pollicization. We would love to meet you.

Hi, I can relate to this , was born with Thumbs with no joints and I can't bend them at all , I used to have weird dreams as a kid and fantasise over bending as a kid , as a adult I've grown to accept it more and it's who I am as a person . People always take for granted the small things to them , but massive to me ....

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I have the same thing. Red canvas and myself have about the same identical development. Left thumb was considered a pinky by doctors, has joint but wont bend, and the padding part is was not there. So the doctors moved muscle from behind my index finger and wrist to thb and padding are so.it could be used. Ended up having carple tunnel surgery abput four years ago because of numbness and pain.i.have been blessed as i can use it almost "normally" except of course gripping larger objects that would require more of a gripping action. It hasnt bothered me as much until here of recent. No one else seems to have an issue of course a few curious can't help but look but humans are curious creatures. And a there is always afew ***** that would use it to hurt u when they are mad at you. But here of recent i believe my ocd is creating more of an issue than.this really is. have been blessed with a beautiful family, great jobs. So
anyway its great that there are others who know what i/we are going through. Not sure about genetic part of it as thankfully my daughter does not have this she is four now and healthy as can be. I was worried to.have kids because i was afraid might be genetic. Bit anyhoo thanks for.listening. -DJ mini thumb.(nickname i made up when.i was young)

I have the same thing, This is the first time I was able to find another post about it. My grandma did too. I wonder if it is genetic or more common in a particular race or something.

The stiffness is just starting to give me problems the last couple years. I am 62 now. It is hard to grip stuff at times.

I haven't been diagnosed with hypoplasia, but my research on the internet suggests I might have type a or type 1. My left thumb is smaller and I seem to be missing the padding at the palm base of my thumb. Other than being a terrible waitress and not really being able to grip things like a weight/dumbbell, my life hasn't been altered too much by this. I am in my late 30s now and notice wrist/joint pain more often than I used too. Another person (my mom's cousin) in my family has the same thing, so I have always assumed it was genetic.

Hi, I'm a 27 year old female who's thumbs also do not bend at the joint. I was told it was normal and the reason why is because I have no muscle near the joint in my palm..which is needed for it to bend. I have never meet anyone else with the same situation as myself. I hated putting my hands out as a child because everyone one noticed it, even sometimes still as a adult it is noticed, but I've learned to deal. From NYC

Hi I'm a 25 year female, I was born with thumbs that don't bend @ all.they fully developed, but just don not bend in the middle, its just a straight bone, I am the only 1 in my family born like this, my question is why?

I have asked that question many times, and I have read a lot, and found out that there is no known reason for this condition. Although I'm still curious about it and will be glad if someone someday finds out what causes it, I don't dwell too much on it.

I ask that question everyday me and your story is exactly the same I can do anything with my thumbs besides bend them at the muddle its annoying and I've managed to hide it alot obviously god made us this way for a reason so I'm gonna have to learn to embrace it ... I wish I could meet you tho keep your head up

Hi, I have more of a question than a comment. Our daughter was born with the same condition except she has two hupoplastic thumbs like your left one. You seem pretty well adjusted and happy with what makes you unique. Do you have any advice for parents of children with this condition ?

Hi, sorry I took so long to reply. I haven't been coming here lately. Children with this condition usually adapt to it very early in life. So physically, there might not be too much of a problem. You might have already talked to the doctors about pollicization. You might want to have that operation. But it's not absolutely necessary to do it.

Your daughter might face problems when she starts school because her peers might notice her hands and comment on it. She might even feel depressed or insecure. The best way to deal with that is to make her feel loved at home. I'm saying this because when I was a kid, I used to be very insecure.

And more than all that, do help your daughter to find a hobby, something she's good at. That way she will have something to make her feel good about herself when her self esteem is hurt. In my case, my parents put me in a music class when I was 4. That helped me a lot. It made me feel special.