Hypothyroidism Has Turned Me Into A Zombie

I have been Hypothyroid for about two years now. It hasn't been pleasant. I have been on different medicines, seen different doctors and specialists, and slept alot of my life away. I used to sleep six or seven hours a day. Now I sleep ten to fourteen hours a day. I am currently on Synthroid, which I think is working better than the Armour and the Levothyroxine. But I still have this tiredness that never goes away. I gained 30 lbs. before being diagnosed. Now I have lost 15 but my weight really feels out of my control at this time. The depression I experienced once I was diagnosed caused me to be on antidepressants now too. I go through periods of time where I give up on trying to fix myself and just accept that this is just the way my life will always be from now on. The need for a nap on a daily basis is just the way I am. Then I find myself a few months later saying, wait a minute I shouldnt have to feel this bad. There must be something else wrong with me that the doctors just cant find yet. I mean the symptoms sound strange to me. I gain or cant loose weight, my body aches, I am tired all the time, my hair is falling out, I get tingling in various places of my body, I have weird muscle spasms, suffer from depression, get bouts of constipation, I am sensitive to both hot and cold and varying times, and my periods are more severe. I have had two different doctors say to me, I dont know where else to look for why you are tired all the time. It is just frustrating.
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1 Response May 23, 2012

i'm in the same boat as you, i'm a bit younger than you. i don't know what hypothyroidism can do to a person, but i have gerd and some days i just dont want to wake up. i cant eat, i cant have the food go down properly and at times the food comes up. recently ive been having difficulty with my throat and having a difficult when i'm always feeling like im choking. i would love to talk to you and comfort you with your problems, because these types of problems can drive you to the point of loneliness in which state i'm in. nobody who doesn't understand the frustration will just look down on you and even insult you. thats not the case with people who actually are going through the struggle. so if you like feel free to message me, we can motivate each other to get through with our lives.