I Have Hypothyroidism

About a month ago, I was diagnosed with having Hypothyroidism. She advised me to do some research on the inter-net. Which I did after coming home from her office one afternoon. When I did the research I found it really made a lot of sense to me why I have been having so many of the symptoms like fatigue. weakness. muscle cramps and muscle aches, depression, memory loss, constipation and weight gain. This has been going on for a year, but wasn't diagnosed with it until this year. My doctor started my treatment by putting me on 25 mg of SYNTHROID, but so far I have not felt that much change, All I have noticed is feeling less tired, but still feel cold at times. I still need to have another blood test in 2 months to see if the medication is helping me.

For me it is just one thing after another I already have other health issues now this is just one more that I need to deal with. I already have diverticulitits and a hiatus hernia and acid-reflex. I really don't need anymore health problems. And then I have depression and anxiety disorders. I just hope that I don't get anymore health issues, but I have heard that the older you get the more health problems you get.

  In a few months from now I need to have my blood tested again. And then go back to see my doctor, but then I might be seeing before hand. because of the other health conditions I have. My doctor prescripted pills for my hiatus hernia and acid-reflex plus my depession and anxiety disorders. Everytime I see her it seem like she just prescribes more pills for me to take. And the one I am taking for my hypothyroidism I need to take for the rest of my life. I am just not certain if taking all these pills is a good thing.   
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1 Response Mar 28, 2011

Well, on the hypothyroidism front - i know how you feel and the depression may be part of the thyroid disorder. I am also on 25mg but i think mine is called levothyroxine and i too have noticed not much change i feel the cold a lot more than my friends. As for your diverticulitits, hiatus hernia and acid reflex i wish you the best of luck with those, my mom is also suffering as she gets older with IBS and arthritis worsening and i have to help her do things around the house morre than usual so i can come to some understanding of how you may be feeling. Good Luck.