I am so glad I finally know what is wrong with me! I hate that I have to take pills for the rest of my life though since I am only 19! I feel like maybe I will lose weight much easier now that I am taking these pills. I can only hope.
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I have Hypothyroidism. I am skinny as a stick. I guess it differs between people, but I can't seem to gain weight and I don't have much of an appetite all the time. I'm actually considered underweight for my height and age. Don't worry, I started taking pills when I was 12, it's been difficult, but if you keep your head high you'll be fine.

The meds will definitely help, but losing weight may still be incredibly difficult. I myself have been on levoxyl for 4 years now and could never find anything to help me get the weight off, even when my meds were working well. No amount of diet or exercise was helping. As of right now, I have FINALLY found something that works! I'm not going to post it here, cause I don't want to seem like some weird pushy saleswoman, but if you would like the details, feel free to message me (and that goes for anyone who read this post as well). In the last 3 weeks, I have lost 7 pounds and a whopping 19 inches! It may not seem like much, but trust me when I say that when you're hypo, every little pound feels like a TRIUMPH! :)

I gained about 75 pounds too before taking pills and have lost 12 pounds so far.

I gained about 75 pounds since i started being sick. Im praing theses syntroid pills will make me feel better. im so depressed and only 22yo :(

Yeah, I don't like taking pills either. But if it will fix what's wrong with me, it's definitely worth it. I was thinking I would have to feel tired and depressed forever, and I'd rather take a pill forever than feel that way. I'm going to call my doctor on Monday, since I'm pretty sure I have hypothyroidism too.