Damn You, Thyroid.

Yep, I'm hypothyroid.  Gotta take pills every day for the rest of my life.  Woo!

The most important thing that I could say to someone that's got a thyroid disorder (or any disorder, for that matter!) is to never let a doctor tell you that something's right or normal when you know it's not.  Don't let them push you around with their fancy-schmancy lab tests and their big degree.  Doctors are just human people, and are just as likely to be unsymapthetic asshats as anyone else.  Make sure your doctor listens to you and treats your SYMPTOMS, instead of basing your treatment off a magic number.  

You can feel drastically different at a TSH level of 2 than you do at a TSH level of .85, and both are considered normal and even quite reasonable by most doctors.  It's critical that your doctor work with what's actually going on with you symptom-wise to get your levels where they need to be.

And!  T4 (Synthroid, Lexoxyl, levothyroxine) are NOT always the only solution.  A lot of people need supplemental T3.  If you're not feeling right on your meds, talk to your doctor.  If they don't listen and make changes in your meds, find a new one.

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I wish I had T3 meds, levo isn't helping.

40yrs ago I had the operation for over-active thyroid & it pushed me into underactive thyroid disorder,I have been on levathyroxine for years & years, at various levels & the only time I have felt well was when the doctor said I was on too much & lowered the dose! I am going to ask about T3 after reading about it here.I live in England so dont know if they will listen but I am going to try,so tired,fat,cold &fuzzy,am fed up feeling like this& think all these years is enough.Thanks for listening

I live in SA and have been on the medication-Altroxin 1mg daily since feb 2011. I was advised to take a large dose of Vit D by a fellow sufferer, and have been taking 400iu now for a month-I cannot believe the difference in my wellbeing. No more stiffness in the joints & no more nausea.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have also added 2000mg of calcium & 500mg of magnesium to my daily tablet intake.

wow thank you everyone for sharing your experiences! I have been trying for years! to direct the doctors that I have worked with to check and do additional tests for my thyroid. Finally! i got someone to listen. Prior to the thyroid specialist I am seeing now.. I was being treated for severe depression and anxiety. Well, its not to say that I don't conider myself to be a like a lot of the population with the every day things that make you anxious or life circumstances that can sadden you , but all of the new, and improved anti despresseants with less and some horrible side efffects and I have tried so so many, .. none of them have cured the problem of exhaustion loss of sleep and excessive tiredness and weight gain. The problem was not resolved until someone listened to me and decided to add a thyroid med to the med i was already on. It is then, and only then, that I began to feel normal again.. I feel as though there are still some kinks to work out but I am now in my 30's I've been up and down on this whole exhaustion and hormone complex for 10 yrs! that can take a lot away from your life. I don't smoke, i keep active and i rarely drink. And far too often doctors dismiss concerns for thyroid some thinking that people are blaming a slugglish thyroid for weight gain. But i couldn't be more farther from the truth.. I have worked with trainers and I am currently pursuing a career in physical health. THS, T4 and T3 still perplex me a bit and I still trying to find the time to research and find out more... my levels for thyroid are listed as "normal" but I agree largely with what current member of this forum has said... <br />
One person can feel largely! better! and different with a level of .85 which is listed as normal.. than they may feel at a level of 2.4 or 3 or even 4 .. SOoo here dotes my forever unawnsered question.. HOW DO EACH OF US WITH THYROID DISEASE ( hypo or hyper? ) FIND OUT WHAT THE BEST LEVEL AND MEDS ARE TO LEAD A PRODUCTIVE HEALTHY LIFE?

I have been Hypo since Dec of this year, Dr. put me on Synthroid and it just about killed me with heart trouble and not enough strength to walk across the floor and test came back that I was over medicated, I ask my dr. to let me try Armour Thyroid he put me on 30 mg and i feel so much better now, I have a very active job plus I walk 14 miles a week and I follow a very healthy diet and get at least 7 hours sleep at night ,here is my trouble.. I'm gaining all this weight and it's making me so depressed, I stopped smoking in Aug of last year with the help of Chantix I took it for 3 months ever since that my thyroid has been enlarged and sluggish and before that I was always able to lose weight. :(

My doc says I don't need anything else other than Synthroid. Had it since 1994. I hardly lose weight and now also my immune system has broken down.

You're so right about the T4 drugs not being the only option. My doctor has never discussed any other option other than synthroid. Probably because I'm on medicaid and they probably wouldn't cover anything else even if I needed it.