Normal Ranges My Foot!

A year and a half ago, I had hair so thick I could barely wrap a scruncii around it twice. Today, I wrap it three times and it still slides out. A year and a half ago, I never knew what dry skin was like. No itchy, flakey scalp, no chapped lips, no shedding after a shower. Today, I scrape for fifteen minutes before and after a shower, then marinate in lotion, or itch like crazy. A year and a half ago, I ran circles around my husband and six kids while doing a full remodel on my home, going to scouts, sports, & activities, and general chaos taming. Today, I consider myself successful if I get the laundry done & supper fixed. My kids now despise ez mac & all microwavable meals. A year and a half ago, I only wore a heavy coat outside at the peak of winter. Today, I can't get warm, even when it's 80° outside. A year and a half ago, I didn't know there was such a thing a migrating joint pain. Today, I keep an arsonal of wraps and bandages with me because I never know when, or what joint, it will hit. A year and a half ago, my size five jeans were loose on me. Today, the only thing in my wardrobe that fits is my pajama pants (which is convenient since I'm too tired to change them anyway). A year and a half ago, I had one alarm to wake me after 7 hours of sleep. Today, I have five alarms and 10 hours is not enough. A year and a half ago, you could base a calendar off my cycle. Today, I never know when it will hit our how long it will last, but I know I wil be bloated & cramping when it does.

My T3 and T4 tested in the normal range, when they finally got my veins to open up enough to get blood. They shrink, evade, and close off when I'm cold (and what doctors office isn't frigid year round?). All they could say is my T3 wasn't in the "optimal" range. I think someone needs to re-evaluate the range. I've declined so far, so fast in a years time. I say normal range my foot! Nothing is normal with me anymore, despite what the numbers say.
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2 Responses Apr 3, 2012

ive been there. im there now. on top of all that, im horribly depressed. it complicates things even more

me too....hard to find any energy at all. My hypothyroid I believe came about due to stress. It's genetically in my family but it's stress that makes it rear it's ugly head. So what a circle we stay in

Oh my shower is full. I show my bf how much hair I am loosing all the time. It's rediculous! I have no energy. I am exhausted most of the time. I dispise winter. Can't get warm no matter what! I get your pain. I also have other circulation issues. I have had my main saphaneous vein removed twice so my legs are in pain most of the time. I think I need my levels adjusted but I keep on forgeting to get my blood checked. Oh did I say that my memory is gone!