A Curious Side Effect

Weight gain is a pretty typical symptom, and one that I fear the most besides hair loss. Despite this, I haven't really made any changes to my diet to prevent it. I just like food too much.

I consider myself lucky to have not gained more than ten extra pounds. I'm still at what is considered a healthy weight, even if I now steer towards the elastic side of my wardrobe. And to be honest, my military husband who works out an hour every day has gained more weight since I have been diagnosed than I have. I can still blame my expanded waistline on bloating, and often do, but he doesn't have that luxury. And being in the military means that he is accountable for every extra pound he carries. He is under contract to maintain a certain body image, and he's personally shamed to have changed so much since we first started dating.

He has recently made a few attempts to drop the extra 40 lbs he carries, but he too likes food. The result being that he has purchased a numerous amount of dieting foods and supplements that he doesn't actually use. One of those products is Slim Fast shakes, which I happen to really like. Really, what woman doesn't like a little smooth, chocolatey goodness? You don't have to be on a diet to enjoy them. They do have a lot of added vitamins in such a convenient package.

So, I drank them, not as an attempt to lose weight, or even as a means of getting healthy. I just happen to enjoy the taste and hate seeing something I like go to waste. I wasn't expecting any benefits as my weight is a result of disease more than diet. I wasn't expecting any real nutritional boost, since vitamin pills have done little to assist me and I'm currently not on any medication for my thyroid (long story).

I had no expectations when I downed the first six pack, but I have to admit that I have noticed a curious side effect. In the last couple of days, I have noticed a stabilization in my condition. I find myself able to get out of bed easier. I noticed an improvement in my constipation. And on top of this, my cycle has just started and it almost seems like normal.

I realize that each shake has 35% of my daily iodine intake, but I've been on medication before in the past with little improvement. I've taken supplements and vitamins with little change, and none that happened so quickly. In less than a week, I have started to feel more like myself than I have for the past year. It's invigorating.

So, I write this with a shared amount of optimism and doubt. I'm not sure if I'm seeing a surprising benefit from a decision to pillage my husband's diet supplements, or if I'm just having a good week. I intend to continue this as an experiment. I have no intention of changing my diet other than to add a couple of shakes a day. No missed meals, no extra pills. Just some extra drinkage twice a day.

I'm also curious to see if anyone else wants to jump on the Slim Fast bandwagon with me and share their results. After all, it's got to be easier than taking a barrage of medications that have to be taken at a certain time of day with respect to, and/or the absence of certain foods.

Maybe it is, and maybe it's not, an answer to a prayer, but it's a sliver of hope to be sure. And so help me, if I start growing hair back, I will build a shrine to the Slim Fast folks and change my daughter's name to Unilever.
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

i am so gunna try this.....:)

I think I need to buy me some slim fast. What could it hurt. OMG what if it helps. Worth a shot. I am desperate to feel like my old self again.

I'm searching high and low for my old self too. I think I'll even except the hair loss and the weight gain permanently as long as it doesn't get any worse and my energy comes back.

Let me know if you have any success with it. I'm curious to see if I'm alone in my change for the better or if others benefit from my discovery as well.

I just drank my first slim fast shake to see if it helps. I also read up on flouride and the thyroid. What I found is that the flouride in water and toothpaste displaces iodine. Iodine is needed to make thyroid hormone. Our bodies can only get rid of half the flouride we take in so it builds up in our bodies over time to too high an amount. I also read they used to put iodine in bread but now they took out the iodine and put a different ingredient in it and it also displaces iodine. Now I never had the iodine test from the dr. but she did once recommend I try 12.5 MG iodine/iodide and she recommended Lugols Solution. I never tried that yet. But I think the low on iodine may be my problem. I havent found relief from my fatigue in the two years I have been hypo.