In Limbo

It's taking weeks and months to get to a place where i can feel better.. Prim dr said nope life style change is what you need, tests are normal, scheduled another dr but they can't see me for at about 2 weeks.  Called an Endr (several actually) but they want the blood tests faxed to them and it's a month before i can see this dr that comes so highly recommended.   Please... what can i do in the mean time?   OB told me 4yrs ago tests came back that i was hypo.  He prescribed Synth on low but i was wired on that so i stopped taking it.  Back then I had no signs or symptoms.  Now, I have almost all the syptoms but can't get a dr to agree so i can get some relief.  Well, not for at least a month!  I'm suffering now, all day, everyday.
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1 Response May 24, 2012

hey- you should try some of the herbs out there while you wait. ashwaghanda (sp?), guggul, coleus and there are a few combinations too. email me if you want some more details. <br />
you are not alone!