Hypothyroid, Restless Leg Syndrome, Depression And Gerd

I was first diagnosed with GERD in 2005. Then I was diagnosed Hypothyroid in 2010. Now in 2012 I am diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome. Oh and depression in 2010 right along with the Hypothyroid. I still don't feel well. Probably never will. I still feel tired, have hair loss, Body aches and pains, Leg and body twitching/*******/kicking before I go to sleep, sensitive to hot and cold, itchy dry flaking skin, muscle spasms, low body temp, constipation, forgetfulness, dry eyes, heavier periods and the latest symptom is tingling mostly in legs that comes and goes. On Thursday the doctor took blood and urine to check my vitamin D, iodine, selenium, b 12, iron, zinc, sodium, and potassium levels at my urging. They still havent called back to tell me if I was low in anything. I am also being sent to an OB/GYN which is set up for next month. I am also supposed to be referred to an Endocrinologist and they still havent called me to set up that appointment. I have already went to an Endocrinologist once a couple years ago and that one wasn't helpful at all. I am hoping a different endocrinologist might have the knowledge of the thyroid that they claim to have. The first one was all about diabeties. They checked me for diabeties and vitamin D difficiency and was told those were ok. That endo just wasnt thorough and seemed to dismiss my symptoms. I get tired of hearing oh those are just hypo symptoms. As if oh so well just live with it. I thought if you took the meds you were to feel better. I dont feel better. Why doesnt that matter?
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I have exactly the same problems. I was on Thyroxine for about 6 months, but it was very unsatisfying and I had lingering symptoms. I'm now on Desiccated Thyroid and feeling like myself again. Might be worth checking out "Stop The Thyroid Madness" - Google it.