My Battle

I am heavy set. I am only 17 years old. I used to be on track and was a great weight. However, I started getting cravings and started eating more... Finally the doctors found out that I have hypothyroidism. It's something that has to do with your thyroid and it's underactive with the hormones. Due to this I have to be on medication my whole life. Basically in one year I was 135 I went to 230... blah I gained a lot. yeah well... now I have to try and lose it.
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Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

I am 19 years old and I just found out I too have Hypothyroidism I am struggling with weight gain and I am trying to loose before I gain anymore. Is there any advise you can give me on to how to do it?

I have many of these thyroid conditions running in one side of my family so I decided to give it a try. Within an hour of desiccated thyroid supplements , my hands started to feel warm. My energy increased, after taking iodine daily for the last two months.

I am right there with you! I have gained almost the exact amount you have. But we have to try and stay positive and do what we can. Thank you for sharing.

It's horrible. I was happy with my weight back then. I feel bad for others who have to go through this. It's hard to diet because most of the food they serve on diets I do not want... and if i want it, it's not enough. I want to lose weight... so badly I want to run again. I loved running. now i feel so lazy. But I still think there is hope and I have to learn self control. I hope everything works out fine for you

My mother has that and has been on meds for years for it. She has struggled with her weight her whole life it seems. I have heard it is hard to diagnose sometimes. I have weight that fluctuates wildly and have a tendency to gain a lot real quick. I have been tested for this and they always tell me I don't have it. I get a lot of cravings for things too and it seems I gain weight at times where I am not even eating much. Its very frustrating. My mothers sister also has this disease and she said it took them years before they diagnosed hers.