Depression And/or Breast Tenderness With Hypothyroidism?

I have had hypothyroidism for 15 years and recently-within the last few months or so- I have had extremely sore breasts and nipples, and a general feeling of sadness, fatigue, short temper, etc. My doctor ordered a thyroid check along with a bunch of hormone/early menopause tests. Everything came back normal, except the thyroid- they are increasing my dose. Has anyone else ever had "hormonal" type symptoms that were fixed by adjusting the thyroid dose? I know the new dose will probably help with the fatigue, but I am just skeptical that all of the other symptoms will be fixed with the thyroid medication... Any feedback would be great. Thanks!
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Dessicated thyroid is taken from pigs or other animals. It contains T3, the more active thyroid hormone, as well as T4. It was the norm for treatment of hypothyroidism for many decades before the drug industry came up with synthetic T4. I have two books on hypothyroidism <br /><br /><br />
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The doctors who wrote both books declare that the thyroid drugs are far less effective than dessicated thyroid. Many people who were not getting the relief they needed from thyroid drugs got it from dessicated. 15 vears is too long for you to suffer. I suggest you read these 2 books and find a doctor who will prescribe dessicated thyroid.

I think it is synthetic T4- but I don't know what dessicated is? It is levothyroxine.

Is it synthetic T4 or dessicated thyroid?