What The Heck Is Wrong With Me?

Last Fall, I started on a weight loss journey and lost 100 pounds. Yippee. I felt great, except for some strange symptoms that I'd been experiencing on and off over the past several years, but never thought to connect. I had had extremely heavy menstrual cycles and wound up having a partial hysterectomy in 2007 (16 days a month was too much to handle). I developed psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. In 2011 after losing both parents to cancer and my husband to an auto crash, I started the weight loss to try and get myself in better shape as a widow to care for my children.

Fast forward to this June of 2012. For months on end, I've been freezing...FREEZING. Always wanting a blanket or heavy comforter and can't stand the A/C on but I keep it on for the kids and my boyfriend, but try to keep it up higher/warmer so I can stand it. I'm in a fog half the time, forgetful and can't seem to keep my thoughts straight. I have puffy feet all of a sudden, I've been gaining weight even though I'm running and exercising and I'm tired...constantly. So, in June I hurt my shoulder and wound up having all sorts of tests and then came the MRI. It said they saw a growth on my thyroid, but the MRI was of a close by area and the whole thyroid didn't scan. So, I go and get an ultrasound and it talks about all sorts of strange things I've never heard before. My TSH is always in the upper 3's around 4 and I'm always told this is "very normal". I have never seen an endocrinologist, but you can bet I am next week. The ultrasound suggested the Nuclear Medicine Uptake Scan and consideration for a biopsy, both of which I've read about. My sister (I'm adopted, no blood relation) had thyroid cancer, so I'm a bit scared, but she had no symptoms and feels that I'm hypothroid more than anything since I have symptoms. It's frustrating to wait so long for an appointment and to know that I am going to have to wait for tests to come back and wonder if I have cancer or just a thyroid problem.

I actually can feel the nodule on the right side and it's scary. I'm 44 and very worried but it seems there are a lot of people here dealing with a lot of symptoms. I'm hoping that someone here has been through this whole nodule thing and understands how I'm feeling. Thanks for reading.
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Webmommy, I went to my OBGYN to find out why I was having pain in my breasts, she felt my neck and asked if I knew that I had a muscular neck or if I had a thyroid problem. She asked me to take a Thyroid test and it came back positive that I had Hypothyroidism. I was experiencing; Freezing all the time, eating all the time, gaining weight, swollen feet, depressed, unmotivated, and just sick and tire of being sick and tired. If you can not treat it with medicine then it might be the best thing for you to have them remove your thyroid. Look up all kinds of treatments on MayoClinic.com they have the most accurate information I have been able to find. I will pray for you and I wish you the best.