Why Am I Depressed???

These past 3 weeks i been having mood swings out of nowhere and i dont feel like myself worst of all yesterday i was being over sensitive and argumentive with my husband which i never fight with because hes always so sweet and understanding with me....i was angry with him because at the moment i felt he didnt want me near him but he wasent doing anything different....i just felt so defensive with him...he was starting to become anoyed so he just didnt speak to me anymore....so that made me even more angry and i slammed the room door....5 min later he came in there and hugged me and asked me nicely that what was wrong....i bursted out in tears and said i dont know :'( i feel so weired like i cant control my emotions...he then confessed that the past weeks hes been feeling like i been contradicting him in every single thing and that he felt bad but didnt want to say anything....i didnt even realize i was acting this way.....i feel so bad because before i had this thyroid problem i never acted this way.....i couldnt sleep the whole night i felt like i couldnt breathe...i turned to him and asked him to hug me because i felt so depressed again for no reason.....i hope this goes away soon its affecting my relationship and my kids....can someone relate i dont know what to do :'"( Today i feel depressed as well i keep feeling like crying ugh and im at work trying to keep it together!!!
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I can totally relate. I've been on an emotional roller coaster for a few weeks too and I think hormones are playing a part in it also. It may be time that you and I both check in with our doctors, get our levels checked and see if our medication is doing what it's supposed to. I think taking the time to do a few of the things we love could help too. Deep breaths sweetie, this too will pass.

Thank you so much....and yes i havent been to the doctor in about 6 months....something is not right with us i mean we know our own bodies.....ima try to go next month after rent time so hopefully i can find the cause of this and u should go asap too especially if u got insurance or the money....ima post my results after too

Thank u Michelle0001 for your input and i will be posting my results next month.....