My Life With Hypothyroidism

I am a nineteen year old girl who was just trying to get through college and experience life when I got diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about five months ago. At first I really didn't understand that it would have such a big role in my life I felt that since their are Meds for it that it is fixable. I am now finding out that I am very wrong. I never felt that I would be so tired in all my life. I feel like an old women. Before my symptoms showed up I was a very active busy body who could run on three hours of sleep. Now I can barely get up for my classes and I can't make it a full day without taking at least an hour nap. My friends don't understand. They are busy body track stars who think I am nothing but lazy. When they yell at me to get up I simply explain I just can't. So they proceed to explain that I need to be eating more protein and exercise more. Which I can agree on yes I could use some more exercise but I never have the energy to get up and do it, and eating more protein will only make me gain more weight so I am not doing that. The remarks I get from my friends really hurt but I try not to let them bother me because I know they don't understand what I am going through. What hurts the most is the remarks I get from my family. My two very athletic younger siblings always make remarks on how ill never be able to keep up. My father always mentions how lazy and depressed I am and that I need to just snap out of it. But the one thing that hurts most of all is my mother not understanding that I am trying to loose weight while she does nothing but make remarks on how I've gained and that if I loosed I would be so much happier. No one understands what I am going through with this. This is all new to me. Do they think I like gaining weight and never having energy to do the things I love to do? The sad part of this all I got this from Genetics. My little cousin was born with it. She is the reason why I keep going through all of this I want to show her that even know it gets rough that she can't ever let anyone bring her down. Luckily last weekend I think my mom is finally beginning to understand what affect this has on my body and is starting to lay of a bit on my weight she has also been more supportive on ways to keep me healthy. Although my mom is finally starting to understand It doesn't help when she lives three hours away while I'm at school. Today one of my "friends" called me a "Fat ***" as my other friend snickered at HIM yes that's right it was a male of all people to call me a Fat ***. This made me want to cry but I held it back and I began to gag a little from the thought of it. This is when I desided to get on here and tell my story because I would love to know how others are dealing with this. I am also trying to make a journal for my little cousin so when she is my age she will never have to go through this alone. I want her to know what I did in these situations to make it easier on her. No women should ever be called names as that and I don't care if it is joking or not. It is disrespectful.
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I've had hypothyroidism since I was in 7th grade, and I remembered being tired, depressed, however I never gained much weight. I think it's odd though, that you're still feeling tired after being put on meds. Maybe the dosage isn't high enough. Are you taking sythroid or levoxythrine? I felt fine on sythroid, but as soon as my doctor decided to change the brand to levoxythrine, I felt like absolute ****.

I am dealing with the extreme sleepyness and not wanting to do anything as well. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 18. so far it's been an absolute pain in the a** to deal with. I am eager to listen to other peoples stories about it and learn from them. If you have any quesetions, please feel free to talk.

I am 26 and have been diagnosed with Hypothyrodism since I was 19. Its been a battle, that for me at this point finally feels like Im winning. I can understand your frustrations and pain. I was a size 5 when I was first diagnosed and needless to say im not a 5 anymore. I I have been up and down with this roller coaster but I want you to know that it does get better . Unfortunately it takes time, dedication from you and a good endo. No one told me what I needed to know so its been trial by fire this whole time. i finally found a good endo and my levels are finally good. The crappy part of this disease is it takes time to get the levels right. And what your level might be, may tell a "bad doc" your good but your feelings tell you other wise. It also take 30-60 days to honestly tell whether your meds are working and if you need more. I feel good with my levels under 1 for TSH. Some people feel better at 1.5 etc.... Now that my levels are good I feel energized and almost back to normal. The weight is another story. This is still very hard and its going to take ALOT of work. To be brutally honest Im working out 5 days a week and changed my diet. Its been alittle over a month and Ive only lost 4lbs. Stow by steady.... Ive been through alot and if you need advice or someone to talk too, please reach out

I have had *Congenital Hypothyroidism since *birth* and have been taking thyroxine/oroxine tablets since I was 3 months old and having 6 monthly to yearly thyroid function tests ever since.

That is exactly what my cousin has been going through. She often asks her mom why she has to take pills every morning and why can't her thyroid just be normal. When she found out that I take pills too for the same reason she was filled with joy. She's the reason why I want to get more info and better myself.