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I've had hypothyroidism for years without much problems. But recently I went in for routine bloodwork and it was really really low. I was feeling depressed, NO enthusiasm, no interest life or optimism, really low energy, falling asleep at 7 pm- thought it was a depression but turned out to be my thyroid. So they adjusted the dose up and I started to feel better, but then got really anxious and frightened so I went back and got it retested- now it is too high and they have to adjust the dose down again. I feel just rotten! It is really a shock to me how much this hormone can impact my whole personality. I hope the new dose works out!
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2 Responses Jun 30, 2007

I have had my thyroid ablated recently. I have been monitoring my thyroid function since 2007 and the symptoms have been getting worse the past year. I was not on any medication for my thyroid, except for migraines which I thought was do to my menstral cycle. I only hope that this will help me to get my life back! Hope you are doing well.

Yeah this sounds similar to my experience on different birth control medications. The various hormones and different doses really impacted my personality. One day I accidentally took a pill and again in the evening (having forgotten that I had already taken it) and started hysterically crying while having sex with my boyfriend because the hormones completely affected by emotions.