I'm tired of struggling with this condition and everything it entails. I was dismissed from my doctor's office because I "dared" to have a thyroid ultrasound somewhere else and the money did not go to them. I had requested one in the beginning of my disease but was denied for no reason. My condition got worse with palpitations, allergies and hives and I visited a different doctor which offered to give me and of course I had .It affects my brain, because I feel slowed down and lacking in feelings (just blank), I forget words and just feels behind everyone else. Dropping out of university, I failed many courses and of course I have depression, also vitiligo and pcos. It sucks to the maximum! I take vitamins, exercise then next day I feel I did none of that and want to crash in my bed all day long because of fatigue. I had a DNA test recently and it showed me that indeed I had the genes for hypothyroidism all along, so it has nothing to do with the right diet crap which im sick of hearing. Suck a big one you stupid world, the solution to many diseases have already been found but not being released to keep us all sick and generating income for them, **** all to hell degenerates! I will be coming after you!
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I have hypothyrodism too :[

a lot of people dont understand the severity of the symptoms.

AMEN! lol