I've always found the story of how my Congenital Hypothyroidism was found to be interesting. My mom says there was a few coincidences that led up to it.

My mom was living in southern Arizona when she was pregnant with me. My dad was deployed to Japan shortly before I was born, so my mom took my two sisters up to north-eastern Oklahoma to live with my aunt for my birth.

There were no complications with my birth; it was pretty textbook. I was given a series of tests that had recently been established for newborns. It was this screening that caught my Hypothyroidism.

Here's what my mom didn't know at the time:

The newborn screening law was put into effect just under a year before I was born, and I was among the first babies in the city that had anything to find. You see, I was healthy looking and if I hadn't of been screened it could have taken a little while before it was found. By that time, some damage would have been done and I could have been mentally handicapped.

My mom was not planning on going up to Oklahoma originally, and I'm not exactly sure why she decided to go. But I'm truly glad she did.

About a year ago, I had the priveledge of speaking to the Oklahoma Genetics Advisory Council, they were the ones (in conjunction with March of Dimes) that helped get the Newborn Screening Law passed. It was wonderful being able to look them in the eye and personaly thank them for thier work.

I'm always amazed with the way things turn out sometimes. It allows me to tell one of my favorite jokes: I am immune to at least one kind of cancer **pause** Thyroid Cancer.

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Mar 12, 2009