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Okay, Im going to make a long story short.

 In August 2006, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I had surgery that November. Very successful surgery, but resulted in some 'maybe' permanent symptoms. I have hypothyroidism- I take levothyroxine; I also have diabetes insipidus and adrenal insuffiency. It has now been three years and I have progressively-slowly, putting on weight, I think. I am 5'6, feel shorter, and weigh 212lbs. I also have lots of other personal symptoms and would love to share with ppl who want to know. I am seeking out motivation, support and others that can relate to my situation. I hope to meet new people and make new friends on this site. An accounabilty partner would be nice. Someone to keep each others head high when we're feeling down. Im so glad I found this sight! THANKS for reading! Hope to meet some of you soon!

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I have had a change to my thyroid meds... losing weight now, feeling good !

I am having adrenal insufficiency and my condition is unknown.It came with its attacnments illnesslike diabetes,high cholesteral,hbp,depression,obesity and my arthritic condition worsen.I am now in good control condition and am on my lowest intake of hydrocortisone of 10mg and the rest illness were also on the lowest medications.I am also 212 lbs.

I have diabetes and hypothyroidism. I used to be very skinny and energetic but I've put on a lot of weight. Recently had steriod treatment for a lung condition ....side effects ....more weight gain ! So at the moment I'm making a project to reduce weight and stay healthy. I've started walking again, and taking anti-depressant to stay on top of it all. Happy to talk privately on message board if you wish,<br />
hugsss<br />

I also take levothyroxine for my hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed about 18 years ago. I had always been very thin and started gaining weight. I have to work very hard to keep the weight off. <br />
<br />
It's always nice to have someone to share similar experiences. I'd be glad to discuss privately with you.....

I had brian surgery because of siezures since i was an infant