Should I Stop My Meds?

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 5 yrs ago. At the time I was hospitalized and recovering from an extreme heroin addiction as wee as a series of infections including a respiratroy infection. I weighed 82 lbs and was suffering from severe malnutrition, my survival possibility was 20 percent. Fortunatly I beat the odds, healed up, kicked the drugs and except for the newly diagnosed hypothroidism was no worse for wear. Over the last five years my thyroid numbers with synthroid, remain slightly below normal. The doctors test my blood and increase the meds a slight amount upward each year but the the numbers stay constant a few points below normal. A new doctor .I saw a year ago, said that he doubted I had a thyroid issue at all, he thinks my thyroid is naturally slightly below normal and is suppressing its self to compemsate for the synthroid. He suggested I halve my meds for several months and then test to see if my thyroid numbers come up on their own. I did began this process but a series of problems interferred, I was laid of my job, lost insurance, had to move etc. So I just went back to my normal dose, figureing I'd experiment when I could afford to see a doctor for follow up, I went back to my normal dose and within a short time I was having heart palpitations, extreme anxiety, ihigh blood pressure, nsomnia and every symptom of hyper-thyroidism, I had to drop the meds completely and felt better in a few weeks at which point I tried to re-introduce small doses and each time had evtreme hyper symptoms within a very short time. I cannot afford a doctor at this time and am a little fearful of simply dropping synthroid completely but seem to be unable to tolerate even the lowest dose. I have had a very good high nutrient, organic, vegan diet the 5 years since my recovery, as well as heavy vitamin mineral and herbal supplimentation. I am wondering if the thyroid heals with good nutrition or as the doctor suggested perhaps I am just naturally low, I have never had any hypothyroid symptoms, only that I test low. Wondering if anyone else is in this situation . Would it be too risky just to drop the synthroid as long as I have no symptoms? Greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks!
leatha leatha
51-55, F
Feb 23, 2010