A Huge Piece Of Fungus In My Right Lung

    At the end of 2008 after being in the hospital for almost a month, I was going through a series of tests in 2009 because of all the problems I had.  I developed Hystoplasmosis in mid 2009.  My Infectious Disease Doctor asked me if I had been out of the country or been around birds a lot.  Well I said yes to both.  I was out of the country a long time ago, which he said that's why I have the retro virus which has been dormant in my body all this time.  So my immune system is down and I'm liable to catch anything.  Well that's exactly what happened.  I caught Hystoplasmosis from birds.  I live on the third floor of my apartment complex and this lady has bird feeders below me.  The doc said that the feces from the birds while on the ground has been lifted up in particles by the air and entered into my lungs.  Imagine that huh?  Well about six months ago I had a open chest biopsy just to prove that this was histo and in conclusion it was.  I take a med that has about a 12 month prognosis called Sporonox, basically another fungi trying to kill a fungi.  Well that 12 months has past and the mass hasn't gone away in fact it's gotten a little bigger.  This mass is wrapped around my sternum and overlapping my lung.  If docs decide to take it out I could have a collapsed lung or die.  I imagine people who have histo probably have this in other parts of their body, it doesn't just have to go in your lungs but you do breath it in from birds crap.  I'm still amazed every day about this and because my immune system is low who knows what I could catch.

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1 Response May 16, 2010

Wow. I've never heard of this before. Birds are everywhere outside. What does leaving the country have to do with it? I'm sorry you're in this situation. Does it make it hard to breathe? What does it feel like?