Didn't Need A Doctor To Tell Me.

I've had "stomach problems" all my life. My ma tells me of when I was as young as a baby and she and my dad would take turns trying to rub my abdomen because I couldn't go and was in so much obvious pain and distress. But because I was shy growing up, my stomach troubles always got passed off as nervousness. My gram frequently said that I had a "nervous stomach". Once I got a bit older, my symptoms seemed to flip-flop from constipation to having to run to the bathroom ten or more times a day.

It's pretty much to the point that I can't eat anything at all. I can't have milk (lactose intolerant to boot. horray...), cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, any kind of beef or pork based products, absolutely no fried foods, no foods with even medium fat content, no chocolate, no coffee or any other kinds of caffeine, and even more. I've found that almost the only thing I can manage is chicken and turkey, along with some seafood and fresh fruits and veggies (so long as no oil or butter comes into contact with it). I've tried dieting and removing all the foods that bother me, but I find it barely even helps.

Last time I was at the doctor's office, I told him straight up that I have IBS (why in the world do I need a bloody colonoscopy for them to tell me that, I wonder?), and he gave me a prescription I was to take half an hour before I eat. Making matters worse for me, not only does this drug give me all kinds of horrible side effects, but I can't swallow pills (which I -told- the doctor; of course, he didn't listen!) so I had to chew the damn things too! The side effects are far worse than having to run to the bathroom umpteen times a day.

I'm just pretty much at a loss all around by now. If anyone has further recommendations on what I could possibly do to help this condition, I'd be eternally grateful.
Trinea Trinea
1 Response Jul 13, 2010

Unfortunately I can't give you any help except to say that I understand and I as well am allergic to all the foods you mentioned and barely can eat a thing. I wrote on here all my symptoms and problems and I find temporary relief in a few things which took me two years and lots of money to find and don't know if it will even last. Often things work for a short time and then they stop working. i have leaky gut syndromn and don't know if it' the same as I.B.S. i got to the point where I couldn't even get empty enough to have a colonoscopy. one of the meds in the prep is a petroleum ba<x>sed deritive which only made me worse. You as well can keep me posted and if somethng works i'll let you know,. If what I took recently continues to work i'll let you know. I just noticed you wrote this in 2010 and it's now 2012. Did you find any help all this time? Velvetflow