Operation For Nothing...

I had been diagnosed with IBS a little while ago, maybe about a year ago, as I was struggling with tummy problems and illnesses, and I went through my GP to be referred to the hospital, who confirmed it as being Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

Recently, for about two weeks, I had this awful stabbing pain in my lower right abdomen. I did not have a clue what it was, and it got so bad I took myself to A&E to get checked over. This ended up with being admitted to a ward, and a surgeon telling me he wanted to operate, a Laporoscopy, to see what was going on, and that resulted in my appendix being removed. But they did not find anything! To make matters worse, I had to stay in hospital longer because I had a slow recovery, my heart rate shot up and I was on oxygen and all sorts, even had my first experience of a catheter! 

But at the end of all that, the result was, we found nothing except some inflamed bowel and some weird fluid.... I have since had a Flexi Sigmoidoscopy which revealed a tear, very painful, but still not explaining the stabbing abdo pain... Plus an ultrasound which again, revealed nothing.

I have an outpatients appointment coming up soon with the consultant, maybe I will then get some answers... BUT, I personally think that this stabbing excruciating pain is to do with my IBS. And if it is, I am miserable than I went through all this pain and scary-ness for nothing! 

Today I have experienced severe cramping in my tummy, and a slight pain like before, but not as bad. The cramping was severe, and I had to lay down all evening because I could not walk or stand up. I am beginning to feel really quite down and fed up with the whole thing now, and needed to share!

Thanks for reading, any advice or comments will be greatly appreciated!
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People say a pill called Mebevine helps

I feel for you since my colon surgeon wants to remove my colon and leave a small section of the large intstine in and attach it to the small. I'm so sick but I still don't think that's the way to go, but maybe it is. I've spent so much of my life with this problem and now that I can't walk and do exercise I've gotten a lot worse. Anyway, you wrote this two years ago and I hope you've improved since then. Velvetflow

Chelle88 , i have to say, it sounds like you've been through a lot. Did you ever consider the medication you take might be exacerbating your condition? Accutane, for instantce, has been linked to severe gastrointestinal conditions, such as IBD, ulcerative colitis adnd crohn's disease....An actor even filed a lawsuit against the makers of accutane, and only just recently the serious effects of the drug were further reported on http://www.newsinferno.com/pharmaceuticals/accutane-puts-users-at-risk-for-intestinal-disorders/ Perhaps you didn't take accutane, and if so then this will not concern you. But if you do know people that have, you may want to tell them about it.