I Have Ibs And It's Ok.

Ok, first off I want to say hello to everyone. Anyways I have IBS and another number of stomach problems. It got real bad when we moved and I had to start at a new school where I didn't know anybody. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't seem to fit in anywhere and that caused me to be stressed out which led to a lot of stomach issues. It got so bad that I was missing school all the time and I was so far behind the teachers didn't know what to do with me. They all thought that I was a faker, that all this was just my form of retaliation towards my parents for making me move. But I was never faking, it was all real and freaking scary. My parents finally had enough of all the crap from the doctors and the school so they put me in home schooling and got me into Cleveland Clinic. It was at Cleveland where we got some real help and answers. My parents got me into to see a Gastroenterologist (Stomach doctor) Dr. Bo Shen. His team did some tests and he immediately found the answer to my problems. He prescribed me some medication to help stabilize my problem and I have never looked back. These days I do not even need medication. I see him at least twice a year. He changed my life. Ok, I am done. I hope someone gets something good out of this.
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I was dealing with this on a daily basis. everyone said to try strong probiotics and honestly, it seemed to easy to work. Well, after 2 medications didn't work I tried a good Probiotic. It worked...At last, I have a life again.

AMEN. I am dealing with that now. The going to school (or not for the most part) due to IBS. Mine has a TON to do with stress of not belonging as well. I've never had that problem and I guess its just....a lot to deal with along with all of the other usual stresses of college. Its really difficult for professors to be understanding which I don't get because hell, they're getting paid whether I'm there or not. Haha. I really sympathize with this.. like, a lot. I recently got put on a medication as well and it has helped TREMENDOUSLY. I am still battling the fear of episodes and makes eating almost just a means to survive anymore, theres no joy in it anymore. *sigh*

thanks im heading to a pyschiatrist asap, but i think i should go to a gastroenterologist.<br />
i can make it through college, but with the ibs its been a problem like really bad.<br />
i've been fainting in the bathrooms, having fevers. going to class with the fevers/ sweating<br />
panicing. <br />
i'm not a stressful person, but i stress about getting rid of the ibs or at least taking care of it.<br />
<br />
people go to class, everyday and im looking like the slacker.<br />
i'm thinking to myself "really? nobody else has problems?" im like the only one<br />
if it gets worse i cant continue college, i must seek solutions.<br />
20,000,000 million people have this problem, and not a lot of people get treatment properly.

That's good that your going to a psychiatrist because even if you don't think your a person who deals with a lot of stress, any stress you may have in your life may be a major contributing factor that makes your I.B.S worse.

I also highly recommend that you get yourself checked out by a Gastroenterologist a.k.a stomach doctor, lol. I totally know how you feel about trying to attend college with I.B.S, it's hard to concentrate on your work when your constantly feeling sick all the time.

I used to get the same problems. Fainting in bathrooms, having fevers and going to class feeling feverish, sweaty and panicky. The trick is not to worry about getting your I.B.S taken care of, you should think about learning to manage it. Change your diet, read books about I.B.S and basically get as much information as you can about I.B.S.

I know it feels like your the only one and it looks like people look at you as a slacker but the don't know you. You just have to stay positive and keep yourself from getting stressed out even if your usually not a very stressful person.

It's true that a lot of people have I.B.S and don't get the proper treatment but when you do things will gradually get better once you know how to manage your I.B.S. Anyways, I hope I've been hopeful so far. BTW, I would totally recommend seeking help at Cleveland Clinic because they have an amazing Gastroenterology and Hepatology Department.

Cleveland Clinic is an amazing hospital and they even saved my dads life when he was in a horrible work related accident. If it wasn't for Bo Shen then I wouldn't be able to be so relaxed and carefree about my I.B.S as I am now. Anyways I hope I've helped.

I am a college student too and I go through this everyday but now I have learned to control it...you just have to find out the foods that trigger your IBS and avoid them!!! almost all the time insoluble fiber and dairy does not work well with any form of IBS so avoid any foods high in insoluble fiber and dairy and see a dietician that will help you make choices about your food intake for more info

hi Agathashelly, please if you can email me i need some help<br />
i'm going through what you went through with the ibs problem, and with school (almost at the point of dropping out) <br />
<br />
nobody believes me, my parents think im faking<br />
my friends don't like me anymore<br />
<br />
please if you can email me at jaskenazi@yahoo.com <br />
i need some advice<br />
im 21 almost 22 its been affecting me for a while.<br />
<br />
i'd appreciate it, if not thats okay.


The first piece of advice I can give you is don't drop out of school. I did and even though things are OK for me I suffered socially. Second, even though your friends, parents and the people around you think that you're faking, you must always have faith in yourself.

What you have to keep in mind is that they don't know what your going through and can't even begin to comprehend it unless they experience it for themselves. Anyways, if you want to get treated for this I would start with your physician and then get a referral to see a Gastroenterologist. ( I think that's how you spell it)

I had to go to Cleveland Clinic to see a Doctor Bo Shen or Chen (Can't remember how to spell his last name) He's a stomach doctor and he really helped me out. I hope I'm helping you because it's hard for me to remember exactly how I got to started since I was in high school then. Anyways, the most important thing is again that don't loose faith in yourself and trust yourself and be persistent. Things will work out eventually.

A good Gastroenterologist does wonders. I was so grateful the first time I seen mine. Like you people thought I was faking all those years.

Yah, when my gastroenterologist basically confirmed that I wasn't a faker I wanted to go to every person that doubted me and throw it in their face. I know totally immature but after all the crap I have been put through because of peoples ignorance I think I deserve a little immaturity moment. lol.