Hard Life.

I've always had issues dealing with my emotions growing up. For the past year i've been going through numerous tests including nuclear ones and they all came back normal. It was at that point where the doctor diagnosed me with IBS. I'm the type of person that doesn't know when to realize that I am stressed. My IBS only effects me when I get stressed and I get very sick. I'm currently in college and every time I have a test (more than once a week) the night before I can hardly eat, I feel like puking, and my body just feels like it gives up on me. It makes studying for a very important test so much harder. I'm not sure how to deal with stress. I only notice I'm stressed when my IBS kicks in. It doesn't help I was in an abusive relationship and from that I'm on anti-depressants. I am already on NEXIUM to deal with stomach acids but when IBS acts up even gaviscon doesn't help. I wish there was an easier and fast way to deal with IBS other than just fighting through episodes.
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Abuse can do alot of damage people usually don't even realize and IBS and the inability to handle stress are prime examples of the aftermath of being abused. Time will hopefully help u heal and as u do ur IBS will also.

I am sorry you have to deal with this and understand only too well having dealt with similar problems at your age. I lost a lot of weight, weight that I didn't have to spare and looked like a walking skeleton with skin. It does get better with time and I no longer have those problems.