The Emotional & Physical Pain Of Having Ibs

I was diagnosed with IBS about 7 years ago. Over the past two to three years it became more difficult to deal with. Food became the enemy and I often regreted eating. I was placed on a few muscle relaxers to stop my pain and Inestinal spams however the medication makes it difficult to complete everyday activities. I tried to stop taking it but the pain grew to be unbearable.

I tried to change my diet but it is difficult to seperate what I eat from the family. I have 4 children and I often find it taxing to even participate in their lives they way I should. I learned about disappointment quickly. Now I try to roll with the punches but it is still a everyday struggle in my life and I just try to maintain my self and my family the best way I know how. My husband is a big help but it weighs heavy on his heart as well.

Thanks for listening and feel free to share your experiences with me as well.


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Thanks for sharing your story Lisa!<br />
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It was the 'emotional cost' of IBS that I remember the most.<br />
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My IBS hit me like bulldozer a few years ago, seemingly out of nowhere. After 6 months of pain, embarrassment, despair, questions, frustrations, I had had to leave my job and my course. I remember being so scared that I would never leave the house even to go for a walk to the dairy, cuz I never knew when I was gonna get another IBS attack and had at other times been stuck in all sorts of public places unable to move because of the pain. I ended up with Depression (not surprisingly!)<br />
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It's so much more under control now. There are still things that set it off but when it happens I know what to do- what helps, what doesn't, and I have faith that it will pass. Thank goodness for that!