I Also Have Ichthyosis Vulgaris

I have the common kind, it looks scally but doesnt really feel that way. it sucks because im 21 and im at the age where we girls want to wear skirts, shorts , dresses and most of todays hot fashions require legs showing and i get depressed sometimes just walking into a store and seeing a skirt that i like but cant wear! Cant go to the beach because everyone asks why im wearing pants and i hate answering people! i hate summertime too, my skins gets a lil better in the summer (not so dry) but its still no where near presentable. But i am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who was seen it and touched it and doesnt see me differently, him and my immediate family are the only ones who know. The other day he asked me to go to the beach with his famly but i told him i cant because of my skin but he just kept telling me that no ones perfect, theres fat people, old people , people who have been burned who are wearing bathing suits and that i shouldn't be scared. but i dont feel comfortable and hate how other ppl say its not that bad when it is! i know if it was them they would feel the same..its hard to find people who can relate! i will not wear shorts until im completely comfortable in my own skin...i wish i didn't have this skin, i wish i had NORMAL skin.
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story of my life too ..

For 69 years I have also suffered with ichthyosis vulgaris. Have tried many, many lotions, creams, salves, emulsions, etc. Though there is no cure, the following treatment has been most beneficial for me:-) After showering or bathing apply propylene glycol generously to whole body from neck down without drying off with a towel. You want to keep as much moisture on your skin as possible. Next, dress in light clothing. For pants I use an old pair of scrubbs and an old long sleeve tee shirt. Next I put on a sauna suit. You can buy them from walmart for 6 or 7 dollars. Next I put on regular clotthing. I wear all of this for about 12 or 15 hours. During this time your cloths under the sauna suit remain wet and your skin remains moist. Next I take a shower and am able to literally scrape dead skin away with my fingernails. Word of caution, try not to be to agressive with your fingernails at first. Rubbing your skin will also help to remove dead skin. After showering, again without towel drying, I apply OLIVE OIL to my whole body. I find I only need to do this treatment once a month or two. Every morning I apply a generous coating of olive oil to my whole body, it keeps my skin supple.

I have the same thing and same with the summer it clearing up. Mine in the summer the more i go in the water the clearer it gets. I always rent a hotel room in the spring with a jacuzzi and soak and soak and it clears up.