Still Dealing But Accepting

As I just sat an read a lot of these posts I couldn't help but to ball my eyes out. They brought back so many memories of childhood. Being called an alligator and getting bullied on a daily basis if I wore shorts to school. I remember at an early age begging my parents to take me to a dermatologist; in fact, it's what I asked for as a birthday gift for years. They never took me so for years I just accepted the fact that I had dry skin... they didn't understand. Recently, I got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore and finally went and was told I had ichthyosis vulgaris. I thought well at least I have something to call it now but that doesn't change the fact that...well it just sucks. It is hard on my self-esteem and always has been. I think how can I explain to someone why I'm flaking! The best I can do is remind myself that I have had some good relationships and it never seemed to bother my partner. I believe most of it is internal issues I need to deal with myself. It was good to read the stories of others because I always felt no one understood. I wish everyone the best... I read something someone wrote that even though so simple made so much sense. "Everyone has some kind of inconveinance of their own" I know that it could have always been something worse.
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