Parodies to Snakes On a Plane...............

Anyone who is either anyone, insane, crazy, or stupid knows of Snakes On A Plane, a film border-lining stupidity to genius comedy horror. Now I've never seen it (not my true choice for a movie, even though it is a horror and comedy combine), but reading and hearing about it, I, like so many others, have started to wonder "What could they also make that is similar to this such movie?" Well my friends, me and a fellow colleague of mine were speaking of this while at work, making our own little parodies. And I wish to share them with you, and ask and encourage for you to make your own parodies. I do hope you enjoy this, and that it tickles your fancy (and nothing else!).


Rhinos On A Boat

Apes On A Bus

Lions In Space

Jack-*** On A Roller-Coaster (with social commentary by Johnny Knoxville)

Skunks On A Plane

Octopus On A  Submarine

Spiders On A Subway

Zombies At McDonalds

Elephant In A Truck

Ferrets On A Plane


See if you can come up with more.

JollyDevittaRoger JollyDevittaRoger
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2008

I read an article on this movie years ago, and it was pretty much making fun of the movie too. One comment in particular had me in tears, it was so idiotic: "Screendoors on a Plane".

Scorpions at the mall? Naked people in the streets?! I usually will watch most movies but when my friends said we should go see Snakes on a Plane, I said HELL NO! I can't believe that was an actual movie...that people watched!