Iih & Me

Hi. I was diagnosed when I was 18 years old. I am now 19. My IIH was found during a regualr eye exam, my doctor asked me for my dads number so he could call him. We went in to see a specialist 2 days later, he told me that it was either IIH or a brain tumor. I was terrified at this point, I went in for my MRI and shortly after i went in for my LP. Explaining everything to everyone i know, including my doctors is hard and they sometimes look at me like i am crazy! I am on diamox, a liquid restriction, a sodium restriction and i am not allowed to work out. I can walk but not very far, I cant even walk around my block. Everything was getting better but recently it has been getting worse. I get tingly and light headed with pounding headaches. I feel like im gonna throw up so i never want to eat. My neck and back hurt 24/7 so it makes it hard for me to sleep. I am overweight and being able to not work out does not help lose weight, I have tried eating healthier but it hasnt done very much. 3 of my doctors said that Gastric-bypass surgery would be the best idea to help me, but i was denied because i have not been over weight for 5 years.. I am currently going to college and my memory keeps getting worse, im not really sure what to do about it..Does anyone know anything that helps?
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Sep 6, 2012