Iih And Pregnant


I was diagnosed with IIH about 6 years ago when I had horrible headaches. I had one lumbar puncture and was on meds and it "cleared up" quickly. I just had another "bout" with it after gaining some weight. I had a lumbar puncture again and was on meds for about 6 months and my optic nerves are normal again. I was supposed to be losing weight to avoid this again... and then I found out I am pregnant. Im really nervous about being pregnant and already at my heaviest weight ever and having IIH. Anyone else that is pregnant or has gone through a pregnancy with this? I'm just wondering what I might be in for..

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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I've just been diagnosed im also pregnant ive too had a lumbar puncture it seemed to have helped with most of my problems except my eyes :( new to this confused is this not a condition the goes then if you've had it 6 years? x