I Have One.

I'm almost 19, since I've been 12 or I've had an imaginary friend. His name is Frederick Leroy Maverick, and he was created through my increasingly urgent need to have a really close friend. I had.. issues with people when I was younger, so I made myself one that would always be there for me in the most positive of ways. He grew up as I did, and faded towards the back of my mind as I grew closer to people in reality. He always has a special place in my heart though, and I still enjoy talking with him for fun sometimes, although nowhere near as often as I felt I needed to before.
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I don't want to call them imaginary, because they're very real; but they are my friends. They are Annabel and Chrome. Annabel is is about 5'11' which is above average where i live, and She is a real bi*ch to everyone except me and our best friend Victaria. Victaria is real. Chrome is a boy who is a year older than me and Annabel, and he's 6 foot tall. His real name is Andrew, but we nicknamed him Chrome because of his obsession with bikes and motorcycles. Chrome and Annabel always fight, but i still think they'd make a cute couple. I created them sometimes in the past few months, but before them was another girl. There's a long story that goes with her, but basically i bought a doll at a fleemarket that talked to me. I called her Anastasia because that's what the doll was ment to look like. (Anastasia Romanov). After i threw out the doll (because it scared me) She stayed with me. I never saw her, but i talked to her all the time. She was really mean and always told me to do bad things like steal or lie, but i managed to get her away by banishing her from my body. (Also a long story.) So now all I have is Chrome and Annabel. I love them! Sometimes me and Annabel will take a shower together (because we're both girls and we're basically sisters. Of course since Chrome's a guy, he can't join in.) We brush our teeth in the evenings together, and sometimes (not always) they'll come with me to school. But even so, i have no choice but to ignore them when we're by other people otherwise people might think i'm crazy. Victaria knows about them though. She can't see or hear them, but she knows when they're there because They'll possess me to talk with her. Chrome tends to be a perv with her.. (I think he likes her) and then Annabel will slapp him on the back of the head for it since she looks up to Victaria like a sister. I draw pictures of them a lot, it's hard not to, they look so cool! It's really hard to describe Annabel's hair but i'll try. Annabel has bleach blonde hair with violet, pink, orange, and red mixed in the fringe part of her bangs and in the very bottom back. She puts her hair in a way that it's in a ponytail but spikes up. Her skin is pale for the most part, but she can catch really good tans when she wants to. Chrome has dark brown emo-style hair (only a bit shorter). He's not as pale as Annabel is, his skin is average for white males in my area. Not too dark and not too pale. He's really good looking, and he's great at dodgeball. You can tell because in gym class he stands in front of kids and just dodges the ball simply because he can He never throws them though because he doesn't want other people to just see a hovering ball thrown by air. Annabel usually sits out in gym class and reads. She's pretty emotionally distant. She's only ever happy or angry, but never sad. A lot of times she's just nonchalent. Unless we're with Victaria. When we're with Victaria she pipes up a lot and get's real playful. So does Chrome. Me, i just stay the same and laugh because Chrome will make funny faces and do bunny ears with Victaria, and she can't see it. In class Chrome tends to fall asleep or he'll crack jokes about the teacher, and i can't help but giggle, which gets me in trouble a lot. Annabel behaves in class, just reading or listening to the teacher. Recently though, Anastasia has come back twice, if only for a few moments. I can sence her But then Chrome will take over and she'll leave. I think she's afraid of Chrome and Annabel. I don't like Anastasia a whole lot since she scares me. :/ She can't control me like Chrome and Annabel can, which makes me glad, but her powers of pursuasion is pretty feirce. Annabel and Chrome can control me whenever they want to, but they don't because they know it makes me uncomfortable. I used to cut myself before they came along. Annabel talked with me, and Chrome just hugged me. They always try and keep me from doing self-harm, but sometimes i can't resist, and that's when they step in and force me not to. That's usually one of the only times Annabel and Chrome control my body (unless talking with Victaria.) Luckily, Victaria doesn't judge us. However about 3 hours ago they were asleep so i took the chance and i cut myself. It releived some stress, but now i'm worried Annabel will see it when we take a bath tomorrow. Maybe i can play sick so i won't have to take a shower or anything tomorrow, but oh well. Right now they're still sleeping next to me.. (2:38 AM) They have a normal sleep pattern, but i have insomnia, so mine is a lot different. Usually Anastasia tries to get me around this time when they're asleep, but once i sence her, so does Chrome. So, he wakes up and takes care of it. I know this sounds really weird, but it's completeley true. I tried to explain it to my dad but he just doesn't understand. I guess most people wouldn't. After all, i am 14 with "imaginary" (Very real to me) friends.

I understand the thing, i'm doing the same kind of thing, i have imaginary friends