When I was little I had a friend could Rebecca she was my best friend are mums met in prenatal classes and had us in the same hospital on the same day and we grow up together we soar each other all the time we even went to the same school at school I was bullied when I was 5 years old Rebecca started to bully me as well and from then I have had this imaginary friend I am 17 years old and go to work but I still some times see him in the day but mostly at night and we sit and talk about all the things I could have changed or done beater in my life. I don’t have any real friends so growing up was strange when I was little he would hug me when I'm sad. And I talk to him when no-one's around now I just talk to him in my head. He help me get through things like when I have to talk to real people I would just avoided them but now thanks to him I can talk to them he tells me what to say and how to say it. My mum and dad wont me to have real friends but after what Rebecca did I’m now to scared to have them I like my imaginary friend better he would never hurt me on purpose. And I’m dyslexic so sorry about the spelling or grammar mistakes
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Well that is ok. Rebecca shouldn't have been mean to you. And that is how you coped having a new friend you made up inside your head. But someday trust some one else. Try for friendship again not everyone is mean.