My Imaginary Friend Adventure (very True Story)

Since the age of eleven, I have had what I’ve been told is a very unique coping mechanism. I know exactly (to some extent) why it came about and we can go into more detail about that if you like. However, I don’t really know how far I can go with it without being considered crazy. I will describe in detail what I do.
My coping mechanism is actually one huge imaginary world. It all started with my very first and most important imaginary friend, Freddy Krueger. He was the first person ever to be used as my imaginary friend, and therefore, the beginning of everything.
It all, as far as I can remember, started with a dream. Note that the dream is not what caused it, just how it began. I had a huge crush on Freddy Krueger, so I suppose it’s only natural that I would dream of him. In the dream, I’m sitting in a dark room, holding a teddy bear. Then, I hear a noise. I look up and there’s Freddy standing there, a sinister grin on his face. I was happy to see him so I cried out “you’re Freddy Krueger!” And before he could do anything, I ran to him and hugged him tightly. Then I asked for his help. He asked me with what. I replied with “my brother…he…” I couldn’t bring myself to finish the sentence but Freddy knew. After a small silence he finally said, “I’ll help you.” Then I woke up.
That day is when everything started. Freddy became my imaginary friend. Being my imaginary friend, I didn’t just speak with him sometimes. No, I spoke with him all the time, every single day. And when I spoke to him, I answered myself as him. I spoke for Freddy and acted out his part as if I were him. That’s where things were strange for me.
Back then, I actually acted like Freddy around one person. I’m not sure why just them. But one night, at a sixth grade Halloween dance, this person made Freddy angry. She called him ugly or something of that nature and, as Freddy, I attacked her. I chased her around the school gym and tried to choke her. I came close a few times. I left marks on her neck. Three girls, even one thrice my size, tried to pull me off of her, but Freddy was easily able to toss them around as if they were ragdolls. That freaked me out a bit so I went to talk to the school counselor about it. Big mistake. She thought I was crazy. She called my mother and suggested that I be sent to a mental hospital.
My mother was furious at me. She threatened me within an inch of my life if I ever mentioned Freddy Krueger again. So I lost him. I suppose this is where my world began to form and grow. I kept trying to replace Freddy. When one imaginary friend didn’t do the job, I added another. Keep in mind that I have been doing this over a span of eight years and counting.
At first my world was very scattered and unorganized. A friend here and there, odd events that made no sense. But as I got older, it grew more sensible and had more order. My world has rules and certain specifications.
Let us go into details
My world’s rules are as follows:
1. Each member or character must be male.
2. These people are always gay with one exception. (I’ll note that later)
3. They usually have a real-life counterpart in the real world.
4. They must be different from their counterpart in at least three different ways.
For example, I will use one of my imaginary friends: Oz. Oz’s counterpart in the real world is the famous Seth Green. Seth Green played Oz in the Buffy the Vampire series. Now, Oz is gay. He’s married to another guy. Oz is not a comedian, he’s a musician. And, he is somewhat shy until he gets to know you better.
I often take actual people (always males), usually ones I like, and add them as characters in my world. I often base other characters off of them as well. Oz has a twin brother named Scotty, and a younger brother named Richey. They look just like Oz with minor differences. Now, Oz and his husband have a child. Whenever two men have a child (I’ll get into how that’s possible), the child looks exactly like one of the two fathers. Their first child looks like Oz’s husband. If I happen to be in a creative mood, the child may look like a mixture of the two. Also, if the child looks like one parent they inherit their accent and any languages the parent knows will come easily to the child.
Further Explanations
Men get pregnant in my world. They carry a child for 12 months instead of 9. Their penises actually stretch to enable birth and penetration. Odd, yes but it gets around the reproduction problem.
This world is like ours and just as big. It has the same things you would see in the real world. When I ride my bike and see people in walking on the street, people are doing that in my world too.
In my world, creatures like werewolves and vampires exist. Humans do too but most don’t trust the creatures. They usually wind up being werewolf or vampire hunters. Contrary to what their names imply, they hunt, experiment on, and kill all creatures. They do some crazy things too.
Now, I have a set, yet growing group of imaginary friends that I talk to and hang out with. Most are every now and then. Some are on a daily basis. I have counted at least 125 to 130 imaginary friends. I’d say I could act like anywhere from 10 to 100 people every single day. Yes, I act and talk for every single imaginary friend I have. Some people randomly make appearances such as police, doctors, hunters etc. and they never come up again. I act for them too. Sometimes I act out a scene between two or three people, and I am not one of them. I pretend I am not there and those people have a conversation that I am not involved in whatsoever. However, I am the one talking and acting for them. I alter my voice and even my mood. If the person I act like is sad, I’m sad and I even go so far is to cry while I am that person if they are indeed crying.
Every single one of my 125 to 130 yet growing number of friends has their own background story. Some are similar but most are totally different. When I add someone, I make up a background story for them within seconds. They all have different names, personalities, and have had different experiences. Some are little children, some are teens, and some are adults. Their nationalities and languages can vary. Hobbies and interests also vary. And something different will happen in my world pretty much every day with different people. Maybe one day werewolf hunters will kidnap one of my friends and have to be rescued. The next day, a real life issue could come up like an accidental pregnancy. I’ll then play out the scene (me not included) where the person who is pregnant tells their partner they are pregnant. It can be totally random.
The one exception to my gay rule is Freddy. I brought him back almost a year ago, much to my mother’s disdain. He is now my husband. We have two children and a third on the way. Freddy is the one who gets pregnant, not me. Due to some issues, I have made myself an imaginary family. I have a father, a step-father, five brothers and one on the way, and uncle, a step uncle and three cousins on the way. Quite different, huh?
Well that’s pretty much the whole story. Below will be a list of my imaginary friends

1. Freddy Krueger- my husband
2. Robert Krueger- Our baby
3. Frederick Krueger – Our oldest child
4. Jason Voorhees- my daddy
5. Oz- Brother, same age.
6. Scotty- Oz’s twin
7. Richey- my younger brother
8. Little Jason – Second youngest brother
9. Seth – youngest brother
10. Freddy’s counterpart – the Freddy Krueger of my world. (husband Freddy isn’t considered to be a part of this world.) My step- daddy, Jason’s husband.
11. 2010 remake Freddy Krueger- My uncle. Jason’s brother.
12. Daddy’s counterpart Jason. _ mainly a protector. Trying to hook him up with someone. Poor guy.
13. Fred (Freddy from Wes Craven’s new nightmare)- We call him big head Fred. Also a protector.
14. Fred- My step-daddy’s twin brother. Step – uncle. Married to uncle Freddy.

The Others
15. Hamoudi – Iraqi
16. Ahmed- Hamoudi’s oldest son
17. Majd – Hamoudi’s second oldest son
18. Hakim – Hamoudi’s third oldest son
19. Habib – Hakim’s non- identical twin brother
20. Raheem – Hamoudi’s fourth oldest
21. Mohammed- Hamoudi’s fifth oldest son. Oz’s husband.
22. Achmed- Mohammed’s twin brother
23. Matill–Hamoudi’s youngest son
24. Till Jr. – Born at the same time as Matill, but not twins
25. Mohaz- Oz and Mohammed’s son
26. Mohammed Sr. – Hamoudi’s younger brother
27. Till Sr. – Hamoudi’s husband. Biological father of Mohammed, Achmed, Matill and Till Jr. German
28. Big Till – Till’s great grandfather
29. Tahl – Till’s great uncle
30. Tahuel – Till’s grandfather
31. Tahuellen – Till’s great uncle
32. Tahuello – Till’s other great uncle. Triplet to Tahuel and Tahuellen
33. Teal – Till’s father
34. Teal Jr. – Till’s oldest brother
35. Taul- Till’s uncle
36. Teil – Till’s other uncle
37. Teil 2nd – Till’s younger brother
38. Tohl – Teil 2nd’s twin brother
39. Tull – Till’s twin brother
40. Jahal- Syrian
41. Sam- Jahal’s oldest son. Achmed’s (Hamoudi’s son) husband
42. Achmed- Sam’s twin brother
43. Jihad- Sam’s younger brother. Raheem’s husband
44. Jahid – Jihad’s twin
45. Mihaj- Sam’s brother, older than Jihad and Jahid
46. Mahij – Mihaj’s twin
47. Jahid Jr. – Jihad’s son
48. Jihad Jr. – Jahid’s son
49. Jamal- Jahal’s younger brother
50. Jamahal- Jahal and Jamal’s father
51. Mijammed, 52. Majimmed,53. Mijam, 54. Majim, 55. Mohaj, 56. Mahoj, 57. Jihal, 58. Jahil, 59. Jamid, 60. Jimad, - All Jahal’s sons. Youngest sons. All born in ONE pregnancy. Yeah, I know. Wow.
61. Francois – French, black.
62. Aimer – Francois oldest son
63. Ahmer – Aimer’s twim
64. Jesprit- Francois’s 2nd oldest
65. Esprit – Francois’s 3rd oldest
66. Little Tohl- Esprit’s son
67. Qaasim – Francois’s husband. French
68. Laurent, 69. Laran, 70.Laraze, 71.Leron _ quadruplets.Qaasim’s oldest children
72. Qaasim Jr. – Qaasim’s youngest son
73. Paul – German
74. Richard – Paul’s husband. German
75. Christian – German
76. Christoph – German
77. Oliver – Christoph’s Husband
78. Bill, 79. Tom- twins- Richard and Paul’s youngest sons
80. Will – Richard and Paul’s oldest son
81. Abdulaziz- Will’s husband. Saudi Arabian
82. Abdal _ Abdulaziz’s younger brother. JahidSr’s husband
83. Stephen – British
84. Wolf – Stephen’s twin
85. Carlisle – Stephen’s husband
86. Drake, 87. Jake- twin brothers.Musicians. American
88. Angel – vampire. American
89. Riley – Angel’s husband. American
90. Luke, 91. Kenny – Police officers. American
92. Mr. Robin Wood – college head
93. Mohatohl, 94. Ali – Mohammed Sr. and Tohl’s sons. Same age not twins.
95. Ryan Styles – doctor, comedian, counselor
96. Lucian- doctor
97. Spike – british
98. Michael Jackson – Spike’s husband
99. Spike Jr. Spike’s nephew
100. Ozzy – Spike Jr’s twin
101. Damonis – Spike / Ozzy’s father. Spike’s brother.
102. Gilbert Grissom – Christian’s husband
103. Andreas, 104. Felix- Christian’s non-identical twin sons. Andreas is Ahmed’s boyfriend, Felix is Majd’s boyfriend.
105. Jacob – random boy at school that everyone wonders about
106. Christopher- Christoph’s brother
107. Christol – Christoph’s father
108. Raul – Paul’s brother
109. Ralph – Paul’s brother
110. Bob Marley – isn’t this one obvious?
111. Julian,112. Ziggy, 113.Stephen, 114.Damian,115. Rohan, 116.Ky-Mani- Bob’s sons
117. Raymond- Bob’s brother
118. Alonzo, 119. Alonde, 120.Alondes – Raymond’s triplet sons
121. Calvin (snoop dogg) – also Michael’s father
122. Ray- Calvin’s twin. Bob’s husband
123. Jonathon (liljon) ,124. Caleb/125.Joseph (ying yang twins), 126.Cal- Calvin’s sons
127. Cornelius – Caleb’s son
128. Daniel- Joseph’s son
129. Joseph Jr. – Joseph’s youngest, Alonzo’s husband
130. Phillipe, 131. Pierre- twins. Qaasim’s brother
132. Hannibal Lecter- cannibal (obvious one again) and college Psychology professor hahahahahaha
133. Elliot (Pinhead from Hellraiser) – ex demon. Jesprit’s husband.
134. Jelliot- Jesprit and Ellitot’s son
135. Billy Idol
136. Vladimir- Ukrainian singer
137. Theodoore- Vladimir’s youngest son
138. Dmetri- Vladimir’s oldest son
139. Gabriel- Old vampire.
140. Marius- Ancient, wise vampire
141. Prince- Billy Idol’s husband
142. Bill- Billy Idol’s son
143. Demetri Walton- American guy. Loving father
144. Reshawn – Demetri’s son. Troubled but know one seems to know why. Of course, I know why because I created him, but I often have scenarios like this where it takes everyone a bit to figure out what is going on.
145. Qasaal- Qaasim’s father
146. Napoleon- Qaasim’s younger brother
Okay, I was off about 15 people. There may be some that I am accidentally leaving out, but you get the idea. I have a ton of imaginary friends.

18-21, F
Sep 5, 2012