Here We Go: Oz, Scotty, Richey And Little Jason

Now I will take that time to tell you the back stories of a few of my imaginary friends.

We will start with Oz and Scotty. If you read my story about uncle Freddy, you will see that Scotty refused to tell a lie about uncle Freddy and I said that he paid dearly for it. Well here is how.

Since Scotty didn't lie about uncle Freddy like uncle Freddy's father wanted him to (he didn't tell people that uncle Freddy molested him) uncle Freddy's father molested him even more. Every day he would take Scotty somewhere and molest him badly, even having full on sex with him. This happened every day, sometimes every other day. But Scotty could do nothing. He was too afraid. So he gave in every time. Oz fits into this.

At the time, Scotty didn't know it, but he had a twin brother named Oz. Oz lived a few blocks away from him, close to where uncle Freddy's dad had set up a place to live. Oz was five, the same age as Scotty, when uncle Freddy's father began molesting him. He began to do so because Oz looked just like Scotty and it turned him on. So he would molest Oz, then go to Scotty and molest him almost every day. Pretty horrifying. At the age of twelve, Oz turned uncle Freddy's father in. He was free and he unkowingly freed the twin he didn't know he had.

Last year is when Scotty and Oz met each other. They hit it off really well. It was awkward at first but they soon found that they had tons in common.

Richey, however, had a different experience. Richey is thirteen now. He is Scotty and Oz's younger brother. He was molested like them, but by more than one person. To be very blunt, he was gang banged. A group of idiots got him and had sex with him. To the people's dismay though, daddy (Jason. I will always refer to him as daddy) walked in and caught them. He had been searching for Richey and managed to track him down. Daddy slaughtered the men and rescued Richey and brought him home where a doctor tended to him.

Now Little Jason. Uncle Freddy and daddy's father struck again. This time, he put a memory block on my daddy. Daddy got pregnant with Little Jason. But after he gave birth, his father put a memory block on him so he couldn't remember Little Jason at all. However, the block can be broken if by some chance you lay your eyes on whatever you were supposed to forget. So one day, there was some noise in one of the barns in my world. Laurent, one of my other imaginary friends found Little Jason in it. Little Jason was malnourished, he had sever pneumonia, and his right leg had been shot with a gun. It turns out that Daddy's father kept him locked up, he molested him, and he tortured him. Little Jason escaped but not without being shot. Being out in the wilderness for days made him catch pnemonia. Daddy remembered little Jason as soon as he laid eyes on him. Little Jason looks like daddy. He has the same facial deformities. But daddy and Little Jason are very smart. Little Jason looks like daddy in the very first Friday the 13th film where he was an eleven year old boy. As a matter of fact, little Jason is eleven.. I think he is adorable though. He's precious.

All of them, Oz, Scotty, Richey, and Little Jason have a strong fear of certain men now, due to the trauma they have indured. In a way, they are my mirror images. How I feel.
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Sep 6, 2012