Hey, I'm Little Tohl

Bonjour, my name is Little Tohl. I am French, oui. But big Tohl, who has posted on here already, adopted moi and I wanted to be named after him. He also adopted my real father, Esprit because he was so young when we first got here.

About two years ago now, we escaped from a werewolf hunter base and ran for our lives. We wound up at the place where Tohl lives with all of his other family. We were originally human but decided to become non human. I am now a werewolf and Mon Papa is a vampire. It was very funny when he tried to learn how to run properly. It's not like Twilight where you have perfect running skills. Non, you must learn. Papa is still learning. Hehehe, it is very funny.

Me, I am now seven years old. I do not want to brag because I am not that kind of person. But I am very smart. Way too smart for my age. I am actually studying in college now with special permission. I study avec mon papa. I am fluent in many languages and I love to learn. I love Tohl, my adoptive papa and his husband, Viko. They are both great adoptive parents and I know they love me and papa. We recently discovered that we have three brothers and a father that we never knew. My papa's father is Francois. His three brothers are Aimer, Ahmer, and Jesprit. They are all very nice and have already found good husbands or boyfriends. I love my family and my friends. Thank God I have them. I love God too.
18-21, F
Nov 28, 2012