Lots Of Friends

there are lots of friends talking all the time. they are not quiet for very long..i am sad but not because of them. because i am alone really.. because they can love me, and they cannot help me..
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Hi! I... I think I can understand you... I'm not here to tell you what is wrong, what is right, what should you do or not, I only want to help. Anyway. I think they CAN help you! :) Maybe they aren't real, you can't touch or talk with them as they're normal people, but their presence helps you always! Sometimes I miss the contact with someone real, I'm often very very lonely and my depression doesn't help me, but in that moments I closed my eyes and I imagined my best headmate close to me, reading or talking; or I began to draw them, only to see their smiling faces :)
They can always help you because they never leave you, instead of what the real people do.

Or... A t least, this is my idea ^^
(Uhm, and sorry for the bad english :P I tried my best!)

you are kind.. thank you for the kindness~ ^ 3 ^

You're very welcome! ^w^ I hope you're fine!

Help you how, may I ask?