Yes, I Have Both Imagination And Creativity

I have designed several things in my life, and have even built a few of them. One of the latest things I've designed then built was a fairly large house for bats to live in. I thought they were too high to buy commercially, and too expensive to buy online (shipping costs! ARGH!) , so I just designed and built one out of some small plywood (that I'd actually bought for another purpose, entirely!) that I had on hand, myself! It was a fairly easy job, once I started on it. :-)
I have also designed and built chicken coops for my Mother. She wouldn't have had most she's owned without my ability! Hehe!
Finally, for now, I am buying some parts to design and build my own special home- made telephone. I've by now seen so many different designs for them out there that I've thought to myself " If they could make such strange- looking phones as these, I KNOW I can build one!". Haha! SOOO, here I go, out into the wild blue telephone- building yonder! Wheee! If I find success, perhaps I'll put a picture of it on EP, if I am asked to by someone. Who knows! ;-D
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1 Response Sep 4, 2012

Inspiration allows us to attempt many things we might not otherwise ever try. I hope your bats come; if they do, you must post pictures.